Steem Is Never Forgotten!

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“What we learn with pleasure we never forget.” — Alfred Mercier.

We learn about crypto and blockchain from #Steem with pleasure and many lessons here, among many negative perspectives. So, stay positive!

~ S2S Team: anggreklestari


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I will forever be positive About Steem

How about answering some questions? How come share2steem does not work?

What you need SP delegations for?

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my question also! You would think they would come clean and admit that it isn't working anymore, probably because Steemit shut them down with their additional security layer to prevent DDoS attacks.

Since they don't I wonder if they will start powering down soon...

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Steemit shut them down? Where can I read abt it? Oh this is so sad... Share2Steem should work on their security too then. Summady help them be secure or something so we can use it again.

They are powering down,no one shut them down.

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Yeah they should answer user inquiries. We love sharing from Twitter/Instagram to Steemit. Summady explain what's going on, why we can't share to Steemit anymore. @mvd @anggreklestari

I don't have Discord so hopefully someone shares some news. Thanks.

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the tag share2steem does not work on instagram and twitter. why?


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what does this post mean? Are there issues with @share2steem ? I noticed that I couldn't post via twitter this evening

This post is made via Twitter and it works. You can try it again.

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I tried and it does not. So how will that be solved?

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Does share 2 steem stil work? Nort currently posting for IG or twitter...

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Still works only via Twitter.

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How come you keep lying about it? It does not work via Twitter!

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Actually, my past 2 attempts from Twitter have not worked.

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same here, actually came here to ask same question.

I love @share2steem. My only question, does it work again?

Only via Twitter

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That is a lie! It does not work via Twitter since days!

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It's not working BTW.

my question is how to undelegate your steem power

Go to under the delegate tab you will see all your delegations. Just choose undelegate for share2steem.

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Go to

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It's not sharing my tweets from last 2 days? Any trouble with the system?

Not working.. any notice?

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Are you going to answer us and tell us what is going on and why your site isn't working?

It's ded..yo

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Unfortunately it hasn't been working properly recently. It did not work with Instagram either with YouTube. Hopefully it will be fixed.

What sad ending for Share2steem....

Hello. Sharing via Twitter isn't working...

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I, ignoring that it had stopped working, kept thinking that my publications were running towards steem and it turns out that it was not.

Too bad, he's definitely dead.

Hello #share2steem community, I have had the pleasure to get to know @algo.coder via Discord and set up my steem account for sharing only weeks ago. Since he has vanished without a trace for the community to find, I very much hope he is going to recover for whatever happened that we can not know from a world wide web perspective.

I'm going to continue to use the tag #share2steem for a while. However, if you're looking for it please consider using for that does not recognize more than five tags yet and may not show it.

my question is how to undelegate your steem power

@juscurrency, here's an article from two years ago. Worked for me today.

PS: Looks like you have your SP back only aftre 5 days. Found this in the minnowbooster FAQs at The command mentioned there for undelegating is even easier then the one from the article

my question is how to undelegate your steem power

Гле вы пропали? Сервис будет работать или же вы не можете настроить и справить ошибки?

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any known alternative for share2steem?