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Thursday May 2nd

This week's Steem news, collected for your reading pleasure.
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Buy clicking our new BUY STEEM button on our site, we are able to offer the following currency pairs: STEEM/USD, STEEM/CAD and STEEM/EUR though our partner Netcoins.

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Do you think flags should be changed to downvotes? Leave a comment to this post saying “Yes” if you would like flags changed to downvotes, or leave a comment saying “No” if you would not like flags to be changed to downvotes.

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It's like the vision for SMTs, but happening today through

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"Steem Twitter" is definitely a thing.
More people are tweeting now about Steem than Litecoin, EOS and most other cryptocurrencies, at least since early 2019. Only Bitcoin, Ethereum, Tron and Ripple are bigger.

Dapp Spotlght

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I find this a hugely helpful update - don't have time to go wading through hours and hours of tech nerd posts, but really appreciate you condensing and distilling it here for us. Much gratitude.