Hardfork 20: What to Expect Tomorrow

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Hello Steemians, tomorrow is the planned switchover date for HF20. After last week’s halting incident, we performed an exhaustive audit of the relevant blockchain code (specifically “config constants”) to ensure there were no similar bugs. After completing the audit, we are highly confident in this release, and we have recommended that the witnesses upgrade their nodes in preparation for the planned switchover tomorrow.

We will be fully staffed and prepared to deal with any problems that may arise. We are making this recommendation because we have the utmost confidence in the safety of the code and we believe that sticking to the scheduled time will minimize wallet downtime on exchanges. As of now, a super-majority of the top 20 Steem witnesses is running version 0.20.2 of steemd which means that, if nothing changes, the hardfork will occur tomorrow, September 25, 2018 at 15:00:00 UTC.

Unlimited Editing!

Before we go further into what changes users can expect after the Hardfork, we’re happy to announce that once all of the witnesses have begun running version 20 of steemd, we will be able to enable unlimited post editing on steemit.com!

Change is Coming

Hardfork 20 includes many updates, all of which were summarized in this post.

3 priorities governed the development of this hardfork:

  1. More efficiently allocating and pricing resources to ensure sustainability and scalability
  2. Enabling DApps to create free accounts while maintaining game theoretical security
  3. Setting the stage for communities on Steem and Smart Media Tokens

The biggest change included in this update is that our previous bandwidth system will be replaced with a more accurate and efficient “Resource Credit” system. In another post we explained in detail how the RC system will further Steem’s lead as the most advanced freemium blockchain in the world.

The development of that system was itself guided by 2 additional priorities:

  1. More accurately measuring the true cost of running the blockchain
  2. Enabling Steem developers to create more predictable user experiences

The new system will accomplish these goals by generating RCs (Resource Credits) based on stateless estimates of 3 resources: blockchain size, state size, and computational load. The blockchain will then distribute those credits to accounts based on how much Steem Power they hold. Like bandwidth, the only thing you will be able to do with RCs is “purchase” transactions (post, comment, vote, token transfer, etc.) and also like bandwidth, RCs will regenerate over time so that you can continue using the blockchain as long as you have Steem Power.


It is very important to understand that, while RCs will function very much like bandwidth, this is a significant change to how transactions will be priced. The old bandwidth mechanism functions by assuming that all physical resources are correlated to one thing: transaction size (tx). The benefit of this system is that it is inexpensive for the blockchain to compute. The downside is that simple tx size is not especially accurate, which means that users who only perform operations that are low cost are effectively subsidizing all users who are performing high cost operations.


For example, under the current bandwidth model, a follow is underpriced because its computational cost to the blockchain is born over time, whereas a transfer is dramatically overpriced since it requires a lot of resources at the time of the transfer, but virtually none over time. Yet, under the bandwidth model, token transfers are 24 times more expensive than a follow. The RC system fixes this by accounting for a wider variety of consumed resources thereby creating more accurate internal pricing.

Impact on User Experience

By measuring more of the critical resource types the blockchain will more accurately price operations in RCs, but that also means that as of right now, resources are not being accurately priced. So after the RC system goes live, the user experience will have to change and the new system will need time to reach a new equilibrium. Due to this uncertainty, we added a “fail safe” to the code that will enable witnesses to revert from the RC system back to the old bandwidth system if absolutely necessary.

However, we strongly recommend not using this option.

Our lead blockchain developers @vandeberg and @theoretical have spent countless hours scouring this code and are certain that over the long run this system will improve user experience on Steem. But, most importantly, it is absolutely critical for the sustainability and scalability of the platform that this system be allowed to operate and reach equilibrium.

Maintaining a Consistent User Experience

We have also built in a mechanism that will ensure users are gradually transitioned from the old bandwidth system to the new RC system. That being said, as the transition goes on, users will likely notice some changes in user experience, though it is difficult to predict what those changes will be. Over the long run, we believe that this new system will have a beneficial impact on the prevalence of bots and spam.

What to Expect

But while the system is searching for equilibrium, the appearance of these phenomena might actually increase. At the same time, we expect that the real user’s ability to transact may be more limited. We will be monitoring the behavior of the RC system following the hardfork and promise to inform users of any changes that represent serious threats. We thank you in advance for your patience as the system adapts.

The crux of the problem is that many expensive operations are underpriced by the current bandwidth algorithm. Were the RC system applied in its purest form, it would immediately impose draconian austerity on all operations, severely limiting the ordinary user’s ability to transact. In order to avoid this scenario we are making transactions artificially cheaper than they would otherwise be at the beginning‒setting the resource pools to 90% of max equilibrium at the time of the hardfork‒which will allow users to continue using the blockchain after the hardfork and gradually transition them into the RC system. It allows the user base to consume the artificially high resource pools down to the new equilibrium instead of forcing them to wait for the pools to regenerate up to the new equilibrium.

Time Frame

The changes in user experience should only last around 7 days. Unfortunately, it’s impossible to know exactly how things will unfold as the system relies on unpredictable human feedback. What we know has to happen in order for Steem to scale‒while remaining a freemium blockchain‒is that we must transition to a system in which the people who are performing low cost operations are not paying for the people who are performing high cost operations. In addition to improving the sustainability and scalability of the ecosystem, this system should have a beneficial effect with respect to spam and bots. But this also means that there will have to be a transition period during which users learn what operations consume a lot of RCs. Votes and token actions will require relatively few RCs, for example, while comments will consume far more RCs. Again, this is based entirely on the amount of computational resources these activities consume.

Free Account Creation

Another important change that is coming in HF20 is the ability for Steem Power holders to use their RCs to purchase Account Creation tokens. Purchasing an Account Creation token only enables you to do one thing: create one account at zero cost. Proportioning the amount of free accounts a user can create to their stake ensures that the account creator is incentivized to only create accounts for valuable people. As with the RC system, there are a lot of unknowns with respect to how this will function IRL. That is the cost of decentralized solutions optimized for sustainability and scalability. Since no one individual or entity controls the system, how exactly it will perform cannot be known.

Role of Witnesses

In order to minimize the risk of this system being gamed, the people who will bear the cost of abuse (those who have skin-in-the-game) have to exert the most influence over the system. For this reason, the witnesses will be the ones determining the supply of Account Creation tokens as they bear the cost of running the network. It is important to note that even if the witnesses set the number of Account Creation tokens to zero, all that means is that in order to create an account someone will have to pay the 3 STEEM account creation fee which, after HF20, will be burned instead of powered up. If they want that account to be able to transact on Steem, then they will need to delegate Steem Power to that account as is currently the case. In other words, if the witnesses set the supply of Account Creation tokens to zero, we are effectively left with the same system we have now.

Fostering Growth

The witnesses want this network to grow in size and value, so they have an incentive to make the supply of Account Creation tokens positive. We are recommending that witnesses set the supply of Account Creation tokens such that they support the same rate of sign ups we are currently experiencing. This is typically the approach we take when integrating new systems. First, we ensure that the system can deliver the same level of functionality as the old system and, once that has been sufficiently tested, we can begin exploring new capabilities.

Based on our calculations, this approach will make Account Creation tokens extremely expensive in terms of RCs at the beginning. It is important to remember that RCs also govern an account’s ability to transact. So if you spend all of your RCs on account creation, you will lose the ability to transact until your RCs regenerate over the next 5 days. Of course, accounts can power up more STEEM in order to receive more RCs and resume transacting.

It’s important to bear in mind that HF20 is not a panacea. It is another, very big, step in the right direction. What we know for certain is that these changes will provide all of us with the tools we need to scale Steem to much greater heights, but the cost we must bear is some uncertainty with respect to how these systems will interact with users in the short term, as well as what systems and tools we will need to build in order to effectively leverage the features we are adding to the base layer.

Let’s Do This!

We strongly believe that Hardfork 20 should be allowed to occur tomorrow and that this event will be a major step forward for the Steem blockchain and the Steem community. We kindly request your patience as the new systems go into effect and we promise to keep you fully informed in the event of any unforeseen consequences.

Steemit Blockchain Team

There are 2 pages

This is a big step into helping more people understand how the "free" part of our transaction system truly works, which I always think is an important part of deconstructing automagical things to empower users to make the best choices they can.

I've been engaging in a lot of discussion with the users that may get the first bit of throttling to remember that any potential slowdowns are mostly a sign of the changes in accuracy coming into effect. It's important to look at the baseline over the next few days as an impermanent thing that will get a chance to settle, and that can be influenced on a personal level by thoughtful habits. For many who were here when we experienced the system searching for bandwidth equilibrium at the beginning of the year, they're ready for the improvements to come and can help reassure newer Steemians!

Basically, let's bring it 😎

Very well said and thanks for helping with the education process. I totally agree, I think it will be easier for users to understand how this freemium model works, and I also think it will enable developers to better understand what makes Steem such a valuable protocol with respect to powering applications. After all, freemium applications have dominated the internet landscape!

I really appreciate the transparency here to set reasonable expectations for what the next week or so might be like for Steem users as the new system finds equilibrium. To go even a bit further, would it be safe to say:

gradually transition them into the RC system

Means in practical terms:

Get used to seeing error messages when you're doing expensive things, and you don't have enough Steem Power to do them as often as you'd like to.

Same goes for:

the user experience will have to change

there will have to be a transition period during which users learn what operations consume a lot of RCs

Essentially, people with low SP should expect to see errors over the next week as the system finds an equilibrium, yes? Also, accounts with high SP but high usage (bots, etc) may also see errors. Is that correct and a good expectation to have?

My hunch is there could be some criticism of Steem (and therefore Steemit) being seen as a "pay to play" system due to these changes, but I think it's more accurate to say someone was always paying, it was often the wrong people (not the spammers, bot owners, etc). The hope is this will improve now that we have the functionality in place to treat specific operations differently.

...but I think it's more accurate to say someone was always paying,...

I agree with this completely. Someone is always paying, there is no way around it. There is a cost to running the blockchain, it is that simple. The costs being hidden to the average user does not mean they do not exist.

I always write that there is no direct cost per transaction on the STEEM blockchain, not that there is no cost. There is a cost, the question is who is bearing it.

People need to have a bit of patience as we transition away from the centralized world. This is a different arena than most are accustomed to. Many hate the centralized systems where a corporate entity bears the cost of the servers, etc... in exchange for the data they sell. Well, someone has to pay.

Freemium is what people are use to, it is just a matter of trying to find a way to get to that point.

But doesn't this also inefficiently make use of existing resources? For example if someone with 1 milion SP is only using 0.01% of their RC's, vs someone who has like 3 sp but has formerly been a very active contributor of content and is now restrained....? Is that the best use of resources to now cut off the latter?

I'm prepared to alter our account creation procedures to fit within the new HF and RCs.

As larger stakeholders (there are numerous that fly under the radar) may end up abusing the RC system with spawning free accounts, I'd like to see a zero (as close to zero as possible given the calculation) there from all witnesses, at least for the initial time period (let's say until 2019). Let them burn their STEEM. We can't afford to set too high until we observe the behavior of users/stakeholders.

I'm so excited! Both in a good and a bad way.

One one side, the new updates will be amazing and I'm very much interested in how RCs will play out.

But on the other side, I don't know how RCs will play out and on the Testnet, things were sometimes very funky, which is obviously normal.

But.. I'm ready!

Witness @therealwolf - Standing by!

Oh yeah, gif time!

Did someone say gif time? 😊

So tomorrow we'll be...


Lol, amen brother! Perfect gif.

As @bluengel said - may the hardfork be with us!

thanks :)

Haha let's go!

may the hardfork be with us !

Reading you comment too quicly is not really a good idea.

Can we please for the love of god have this pop up when someone does not have enough resource credits to do something? FB_IMG_1537850026662.jpg

Fucking Genius

Guess I'll see if I can get a Witness server rolling on HF20 and spend my last $150 online dollars running the thing.. I have faith in this update and hope it goes well.

Awesome. I am hoping for a smooth transition tomorrow. @c0ff33a and I have been running 20.2 for a few days now. Big things are coming for the platform and this is setting the stage.

The RC sounds interesting I hope it will work, however the fact that people will need to learn about RC like they need to learn about voting power, is another complexity for users.

Good luck tomorrow everyone. And may Steem live on!

I have the same curiosity for some time about RCs and UX, and until now I haven't found an explanation for it.

I know this has nothing to do with the hard fork itself, but it has to do with the UX.

How will a user know how many RCs s(he) has left? Will tools like steemd (and others) begin to update to reflect the switch from bandwidth to RCs? Anyone can give an ETA for that?

The other curiosity I have. Will Dapps begin to show the cost in RCs of various operations? Especially since the cost can fluctuate.

The SteemItblog should get a avatar.

we I'm as ready as I can be. :)

lots go for a rosy sunny day type of Fork, then head to the beach. :)

This will hopefully increase the already exceptional capacity of this chain to be something that can handle even more TX/second.

I'm excited.

How can this increase the tx per sec?

My blockchain knowledge is limited, but if we're allocating the true computational cost of a transaction to its bandwidth/resource credit, this pool becomes more balanced, instead of having "cheap" tx use a lot.

Alright interesting

Thank you, @steemitBlog for the heads up!

we will be able to enable unlimited post editing on steemit.com!

Does this mean that posts made before HF20 can be edited?

On a less serious note, who here has ever tried eating with a soft fork? I don't recommend it with noodles...

I hope those increasing fees will not give new users even more bandwith issues.

Arguably, they inevitably have to.

What is being priced higher? Comments, which are pointedly one of the few ways that new users can get involved with activity on the blockchain without the risk of creating something via a post that no one may never see.

What is being priced lower? Votes, which earn new users no money and which have no discernible impact on their personal experience (or anyone else's, because they'll be below the dust limit) and token transactions (which new users won't have any to trade, and are even less likely to have after the hardfork which reduces even the initial SP they might otherwise start with under HF 19).

How could new users not be expected to be bearing the brunt of the new RC pricing algorithm?

For the past few weeks now, we've been talking about Hard fuck 20, and finally we are few hours close. It's a good thing that many things about the steem block chain is about to change. I just hope it goes well with the RC integration. More power to your elbow as you take the bold step in few hours...Cant wait to see the success.

Very informative - Resteemed - Followed

Watch for major price action once this launches and exchanges begin to open up again for deposits.

As of this reply, only true means of exchange are blocktrades and RUDEX.STEEM.

I admit, I'm slightly confused. As a regular, standard user, what exactly is going to change for me? A lot of the technical explanation flew right over my head.

I am glad not to be the only one confused here. Plus I am pretty new to Steemit. What will this hardfork do the the average user ?

It doesn't do much for you. It just makes the blockchain more efficient and signing up new users takes less time. It's not exciting for you or me, but it's a necessary step for the chain's growth.

Exciting times ahead! I love how professional @steemitblog is now. <3

Load and clear.
Let's rock the Decentralised world 👍👍

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Great! I have high hopes for the RC system hopefully everything works out well and there's no need to revert it!

How do you buy an account creation token with RC and then give it to a friend or someone that wants to join? What's the process? Was this explained and I missed it somewhere along the way?

We have no plans to release a user interface for account creations. As we pointed out in the post, Account Creation tokens will be incredibly expensive in terms of RC, and so only something we expect to be used by DApp developers with large SP holdings who will not require a user interface. That being said, as it is an open system, nothing is stopping anyone from building a user interface for this system.

Thanks for the clarification! Crossing fingers for a successful fork! Just don't cross the streams and everything should be fine! :^)

I hope everything will be OK!

exciting times!

Tge long awaited update is finally here.

Im glad i was able to wait the time, many have left the steem Blockchain looking for better pastures elsewhere, hopefully , this update is big enough to draw them back.

Steem onward.

Let’s do this, I’m ready for this 😎

wow, it took me quite some time to read through and understand the information shared. I am patiently waiting for HF20 to happen. I will provide feedback about bugs and my experience if any after the hardfork has taken place.
Thanks for the update

Go Steem Go!


Every time I see this I want to tie that horribly abusive and ignorant dog owner under a helicopter by his armpits and dangle him over an active volcano, maybe with an oops cable attachment malfunction along the way for good measure.

Unlimited edit! 😋😋😋

By the winds that blow, the changes will be for the better. We hope so. Tomorrow will be a great day.

No sé hermano, algunas cosas buenas vendrán, pero me preocupa lo que estoy leyendo sobre los comentarios. Al parecer la emisión de ellos tendrá un alto costo del RC. Como dice el dicho, "amanecerá y veremos". Pero eso no me cuadra para nada. ¿dónde quedará la interacción entonces? ¿el feedback?

Tal parece que los nuevos usuarios y aquellos con un poder de voto bajo, se verán muy afectados. Eso es preocupante. Por muy iluso que suene, espero que las cosas sean para mejor, bro. La interacción es vital, no lo niego, todo eso te pone a pensar demás. Como bien dices, mañana será otro día donde sabremos si será beneficioso o no.

May the four winds blow us safely home...

So be it!

Pre-HF20, we can delegated SP for bandwidth purposes. Will there be a way to do something similar with just the RC?

It will work the same way.

Meaning that we’ll be able to delegate RC?

When you delegate SP to an account, that account's RC will increase your's will decrease.

Thank you for the update on what is the eve of the Hard Fork for me (or close enough). While I do note quite a bit of uncertainty as to how things will look once HF 20 will take effect, I'd rather know that is a possibility than not know at all, so thank you for that.

I have been thinking that RCs in particular would have the earliest most profound effect on users, so I'm glad to have that spelled out. I'm wondering if there's a lower SP threshold below which someone can reasonably anticipate issues? Or is it basically we won't know until it happens? Since we're working towards an equilibrium, and transitioning from the old way to the new way, I guess I'm wondering if that will allow the vast majority of current users, the red fish, to operate as normal, even if gut is all you've got to go off.

From all accounts, I understand RCs to be a necessary transition and something that is more equitable and accurate, so here's wishing us all a good Hard Fork tomorrow. :)

Unfortunately we can't know until it happens. My gut is that if people are used to posting, commenting and voting a lot, they will run into issues slightly sooner at first and if they keep using Steem that way over time they will hit the limits faster and faster as the RC system kicks in. Those who aren't power users probably won't encounter many issues at all. That being said, if people adjust their behavior in anticipation of the changes and are more careful with how much they post and comment, they might not encounter any issues and there may be fewer issues generally. That is the problem, we have no idea how people are going to react to the system, which makes it impossible to predict what will happen. It's a totally decentralized, free market system.

Hey, @andrarchy. Thanks for responding.

What would constitute commenting, posting and commenting a lot? For instance, I'm a participant in @abh12345's engagement league, so we're encouraged to engage. There's some folks who are averaging between 200-500 comments a week (one much more than that), along with 4-12 posts, and somewhere between 100-300 upvotes. Is that considered a lot? Or is that one of the things we'll be finding out?

Most of the folks who do this are minnow-sized or smaller, so they're not high SP accounts. They're doing this, in part, because of the exposure commenting on a larger scale can bring to their own posts, and they're trying to spread their votes as much as they can, too.

Fortunately for some, they receive delegations from Asher which would increase their RCs, but it will be interesting to find out!

Dropping a comment so I can follow the conversation. This sounds like something that could have a huge impact. Makes me very grateful for the sp I have.

Hard for me to follow along even after dropping a comment. It works when I am online at the time, but once off..lost cause.

Hey, @beeyou. NIce to see you, as always. How are things, other than busy, busy, busy? :)

You and andrarchy pretty much answered within seconds of one another so I'm not sure if you saw his reply to the comment you just replied on or not. I'd encourage you to take a look at it if you haven't and tell me what you think once you have.

Thanks for the notice @glenalbrethsen. Oh, life doesn't seem to be slowing down any. I was away on vacation for a couple weeks and just now catching up. Still behind for the most part and I suspect I will always be so. I'm glad to read your wife is doing better. :)

I support the idea behind RC consumption and user behavior. I know engagement is encouraged but it is meaningful commenting that should be encouraged more so than daily conversing. I too am guilty for leaving my share of spammy comments here and there, ask @headchange, but that might be my one or two comments for that day. I probably had my share of daily conversing in my earlier redfish days and hope that I am not being hypocritical of it now. Perhaps my perception changed as I learned more about this platform. It would be interesting to see the results on the league going forward, for sure. Perhaps nothing will change afterall? :)

I believe things will change just a little. I rarely make the top 10 to 20 but when I do it means there has been a lot of chatting going on.
Asher is not the only one who makes contest based on building up comments. Actually just look at the NewbiePalooza as one example.
Also now that I think about it look what happened as an example of why this may be necessary.
I am pretty sure I won't have a lot of issues. But do think this will have impact on the Engagment leagues
Glad I found the post. Good to have the heads up.

Well, there's no way of knowing until it happens, apparently, so it could be nothing happens, or people's ability to do things improves. I feel like I'm being warned, though. Beware. At any rate, I could have asked how much we need to put in if we want to do more but I figured I'd save that for later when we might know what's happening and have some better answers. I'm feeling like all the leaguers could be affected, which saddens me. If it ends up being that low SP, who has been using the platform the most because they want to earn SP since they didn't have it to begin with and don't have the resources to invest end up being reduced or shut out, while those with the highest SP who aren't using the platform other than to delegate end up with the all the RCs—it just seems to me that there will be a lot more unhappy people, as indiscriminate, impartial, or fair as that may be.

As it is, I'm less worried about myself (though I'm wondering just how low this goes), because I have invested some. It's not tens of thousands, but it's more than a few hundred bucks. I'm not sure how anyone could be expected to put in more just to use the STEEM social media platform.

So, there, I've said it, and now we get to see what happens next, and hopefully, the warning I was feeling I was getting will all be in my head. :)

Let me put it another way, if after the RC system goes into effect those activities run down your RCs faster than they did bandwidth, then by definition you were taking advantage of the inaccuracies in the bandwidth system to overburden the blockchain and you were passing the associated costs onto your fellow Steemians. It's a dynamic system that will be changing all the time forever. Specific numbers cannot be given. It is totally impartial. All it cares about is how much resources are being consumed by the network, who is consuming the resources, and how much stake they have. All of those variables will be constantly changing, which is why specific predictions can't be made. If you want to consume more resources than everyone else, then you have to have more STEEM powered up. That was clearly the intent behind bandwidth, and that same intent is behind RCs. Bandwidth is just worse at it. If you believe in Steem and want to make it sustainable, then you will have to adjust your behavior or power up more STEEM.

Yet at the same time, if comments at a human social interaction level turn out to be too expensive for the blockchain to handle, that's a real problem for the sustainability of Steem itself. Essentially what it says is that the current technological level of Steem is insufficient to handle its core functions.

I don't think that's likely to happen but I don't see how you can be essentially blasé about it.

Okay. Thank you for the information and clarification. We'll see how things shake out then, and hope that all goes well with the HF 20 in general, and RCs in specific.

Well said. I think that's really the crux of it. People need to power up some STEEM and actually partake in the contributed value of this blockchain rather than trying to solely exploit it at someone else's expense. (not directed at anyone in particular). But really, way too many people here are focused on selling out their steem rather than powering it up to become partners with the community instead of exploiters of it.

That being said, if people adjust their behavior in anticipation of the changes and are more careful with how much they post and comment, they might not encounter any issues and there may be fewer issues generally.

So, just like with the reduction in the daily vote target, the average user will need to monitor how often they interact with other social media users on the Steem blockchain. And just as the vote target reduction added to the cognitive load of users (specifically newer ones), so will this new RC system. It seems that we keep increasing system complexity at the cost of Steem user experience.

This doesn’t actually sound like a scaling solution when you make these kinds of comments. Is less use of the blockchain the goal of these hard forks? Because that’s not really how you solve scaling problems.

And if these were the actual goals and/or the expected outcomes for the protocol changes, why are we only hearing about it now, once the hard fork has been accepted by witnesses?

My problem with RC credit system is:

Votes and token actions will require relatively few RCs, for example, while comments will consume far more RCs. Again, this is based entirely on the amount of computational resources these activities consume.

Especially the part that talks about Comments does this mean I am going to eventually need to balance my cost of casting a vote, verse leaving a comment on an individual post? Because all the resources are coming from one place or will vote power rebuild as it does at the current rate, and will we now need to wait for a second rebuild of RC to make a comment? Like glen above I sometimes like to leave long comments, and or lots of them.

I didn't initially join steemit for the crypto. In fact I still have only a very limited understanding of it. I do understand that today and all the yesterdays I was on steemit I could comment as much as I wanted, but had to limit my votes. After tomorrow am I still going to be able to comment all I want?

While I could easily be wrong about this, I strongly suspect that any established user who comments at a human pace won't have any issues with RCs, any more than we have any issue with bandwidth now.

Very-low-SP users could have an issue, and low-SP bots will definitely have an issue.

I guess we will just have to wait and see what happens. then.

All you want until you run out of resource credits, and it's not entirely clear if you will be able to quickly deduce just exactly what that means in concrete terms, or if any interface will have any way to immediately track it. Look how long it took for various front ends and tools sites to show you your voting power at all. Now this? We'll all be guessing for a while, which is why the warnings on this page and others like it just say "unexpected somethings might seem messed up for you for an unknown amount of time" and that's basically what any uncomfortable, inconvenient truth comments on this page are pointing out as a problem for our user base and those of us who live in the communities trying to explain it to them as witnesses, and community leaders they look to on a daily basis in the absence of reliable information from "above".

Do you think it will take long for a steemd type bar, or a steemworld circle system to be developed? The RC thing is going to be the hardest thing to get used to at first I guess. We will see what will be.

Votes are a transaction that has an RC price as are post/comments and wallet transfers and so on.

Yes they are related.

HOW they will replenish and how many votes and comments per cycle of recharge you can make have direct correlation to stake weight.

It remains poorly documented and to some degree unarticulated as to how "fast is recharge/replenish" and how "many per charge" of a thing a user will have - today for example we know what voting power is in relation to bandwidth and can say to some degree you will use 100% over 10 votes a 24 hour cycle at 100% each, with the slider enabling some throttling of your utilization as it works now, to enable using your 100% " vote bandwidth "fuel" at a better mpg so to speak, as a metaphor.

We just don't seem to have clear path to what this will mean after the HF.

Is that good news? No it should be made clear to users in plain and certain terms.

Has it been? No, because everyone who should be able to tell us, seems to at best be guessing and at worst not providing info at all.

Further, the interfaces we eventually developed to show voting power percentages on various front ends and tools sites won't work with this anymore, without repairs and changes to their code. So it's going to be "surprise surprise surprise" for a few days to weeks while "things balance" which is doublespeak in code, for we'll tell you once we figure it out after people start using it and it plays itself out.

As you aptly surmised in the post this question originated from, @bashadow , "We will see what will be."

And that's why many are expressing concern on this page about pushing out so many changes at once, and not even being able to explain them by the people who invented them.

Thanks, now we play the waiting game. I kind of feel sorry for the front end people, I really like @stemchillers vote gauge, gonna be sad to see it maybe not work. He will get one up I am sure that will work fine again I am sure.

On the plus side, maybe some big votes when the sliders don't work like they used to. ;-}

I only need one hardfork for ma spaghetti!

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My spa-ghett-i

buh buh buh buh ba ba buh ba buh ba

My spa-ghett-i


This is great.
The awaited time is finally here, and we are glad to welcome the new face of Hardfork 20.

Keep the fire burning.

Bring it on! And thank you.

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Hope HF20 will further improve our blockchain. All the best!

Good to go, Good to go, Good to go Captain
Cant wait to get Served !!!

Change is good... as we all know not everyone can be kept happy with change... but, without change we stunt our growth as a community. If we do not change as an individual we can also stunt our on growth! I am looking forward to this change as it is an attempt to move us in the right direction! That is the key... moving forward... sometimes you have to take 2 steps forward and 1 step back to move and progress. Learning from that step back is the key! Thank you to the team for double checking if not triple checking these changes!

Hard-forks we know about in advance are my favourite kind.

I am one of those people who are resistant to change. You do bring up so good points though. I hope this will be as good as you make it sound.

Here comes the testing phase whether I like it or not. 8-)

I'm guessing we will be about to trade tokens again after this update. My friend hasn't been able to send me what he owes me.

Good luck guys. I’m fully behind the direction we’re headed.

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Crap now I'm going to be up all night, going back and forth between shaking my head and laughing my ass off. Hrm, sounds like familiar territory....

In other words, if you're running a comment bot, it would be really good if you turned it off for a while.

YES. Finally, an institutionalized solution to force the hand of spam bots.

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