Steepshot latest updates: Promote button for iOS & Android devices. iOS wallet.

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Hello, Steemians!


Today we want to release you features that will not leave indifferent both Android and iOS users.

Promote Button

First of all, we want to present you such a thing like Promote Button that was available only for Web version till this moment. Now you can promote your Steepshot posts right from the app on iOS and Android devices. This feature will certainly help you to make your photos seen by a huge amount of people.

To do it you need to find your post you want to promote, click Three Dots in the right up corner of the photo and click them. Here you will be able to see such functions as Edit post, Delete post, Share and Promote. In the promoting window choose the necessary tokens, the suitable amount and click “Find Promoter”.

Then you will see the most appropriate bot for you. All you need now is just press “Promote”.

iOS Wallet

Finally, iOS users are able to use Wallet. To enter it you need to click on your Account Balance. Here you can see your STEEM, STEEM POWER, SBD, Transaction History and Transfer button.

Here you can transfer STEEM or SBD to any Steemit account you want to. Just start putting in the username in the field “TO”, find the person you want to make transfer to by its profile picture, choose the necessary token, amount, add a message if you need and finally click “Transfer”.

To perform this action you need to choose three dots near the button “TRANSFER” and pic the necessary operation.

If you want to send the maximum amount that you have in your profile just press the button “MAX”. But mind that the minimal amount of Steem Power in your account should be not less than 3 Steem.

Power up and Power down

If you have STEEM tokens, you can power up to Steem Power to get more voting influence on posts and comments. Or you can power down to turn it into liquid STEEM over a period of time. The system will transfer 1/13 of your Steem Power to STEEM each week for about three months (13 weeks), starting 1 week from the time it is started.


Claim Rewards

By claiming rewards you are claiming what you have earned from your profile that you post 7 days back. In general, it’s your earning for sharing your photos, commenting and upvoting. Now when it will be the time to collect payouts you will see such a present box in the upright of the corner in your wallet.

Transaction history

Now you have an opportunity to be up-to-date with your history of transactions without leaving the app. All of your transfers, author, curation rewards could be found here. In comparison with Steemit Steepshot app gives an opportunity to see not only the latest several transactions but much more.


If you believe Steepshot can help the Steemit community, please vote @steepshot.wtns as Witness


iOS TestFlight

While iOS Steepshot app with the latest features is still under review in the App Store you can start using it with the latest features today. If you are interested in TestFlight, please send your requests with the words "Please add me to iOS TestFlight " to our email [email protected]


Steepshot Posts

We are happy to inform you that now Steepshot links support previews. That will definitely make your link posts looks more pleasing to the eyes and of course attract more attention. Mind that you can promote your posts in our Discord channel #steepshot-post


and in our Facebook group


And of course, do not forget to add #steepshot tags in your Twitter posts and join our group for the latest news and updates.


By the way, you can use #Steeply on Steepshot posts for a chance to be featured in Steepshot digest called @Steeply
Click here to read the info about the latest Digest #22


Social Media

If you have any ideas, questions or suggestions, please, find us on social media. Choose your favorite way to connect and tune in to Steepshot life.







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I can not add a photo from firefox. I see all the time: "Ooops, something went wrong."

Hello, try to use Chrome for posting next time. It always works better than Firefox.

Hello, Google Chrome same!

Wery good job @steepshot you have best app in steemit i have seen 👏

Awesome guys, congrats! When the feature of "stories" and upload videos? ;) Big hug!

Appreciate your feedback!
One step at a time. All Steepshot team works hard to please you with new features regularly.
Stay tuned!

Awesome stuff

Thank you!

Very excited for the iOS wallet update to be approved (:

Good to know , is there any difference if I claim my rewards at steemit a not at steepshot?

In general, there is no difference, but we think, that our design of the wallet looks more appealing to the eyes, so now it is more pleasant and easy to claim rewards.

@steepshot Is there any chance to post something with this app for android? Because I have trouble to post from yesterday.

Hi @bebag & @steepshot. On many levels the app bakes my noodle, great work! However, I am experiencing the same strange lagging and complete crashes at times since yesterday - mainly in uploading and finishing context with a post.

Coool. happy to hear that. 😀

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You got a 18.18% upvote from @postpromoter courtesy of!

Want to promote your posts too? Check out the Steem Bot Tracker website for more info. If you would like to support the development of @postpromoter and the bot tracker please vote for @yabapmatt for witness!

Nice updates

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Hi! Why some of my older photos are not available? I wanted to have a place for my photos, but if they disappear after two months it's not working as it should :( I mean particualy this one:


We have checked your photos.
The main problem is that you uploaded these photos from QA version that had some problems at that time.
In future I suggest you to use only alpha Steepshot for posting images in that case you will not have such an issue.

i need help. your app wojnt work on my galaxy s8 with latest update. it did work in the past but since3-4 weeks i cant use it. there is just a short maqssage that an unexpected error ocurrent after choosing a picture from my phone. i downloadet the app again and gave it the rights but same error again

The blockchain just underwent a massive fork and a rework of posting systems.
You're going to have issues posting, voting and commenting for a little while longer.
Wait for 1-2 days, please.
If you will still have this problem, let us know.

ok thank you for your answer. i will wait

Soo cool. Very good job! :)

Hi @steepshot, I cant upload any photos on the app on android ????