Follow Friday: Community minded

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I'm not going to go on about yesterday's election, but let us say I was not in the best mood this morning. I will not let this shitstorm stop me putting out my weekly #FollowFriday post.

The Steem price is still up a bit on the week with good volume. Steem Dollars still not so good, but nobody seems to care.

Prices via @coingecko.

The Steem sites are still languishing at the moment. @steempeak is on the up. I tend to use that on my PC and @esteemapp on my phone, although I am using the desktop version to write this post and will use some of the tokens I earn to boost it. You can access eSteem on the web too, but I think that is read-only.


The various Steem apps are doing okay on @StateOfTheDapps, but it looks like they lost contact with the blockchain stats today as you can see all the graphs just plummeted.

State of the Dapps

I am interested if anyone has any other good sources of statistics on how Steem is doing.

Here are my suggestions of Steemians to check out with an emphasis on people who help the #community:

  • @wakeupkitty has been around a while and often comments on my posts. She runs and participates in various contests on Steem. These are a great way for new users to build up their SP.
  • @winstonwolfe was away for a while, but is back with a new Steem podcast. He used to make some shows ages ago, but there has been a shortage of podcasts about Steem lately. He was just going to share the new ones on Steem, but with some prompting from me he made it available in podcast players too. Winston (possibly not his real name) is also into photography.
  • @anthonyadavisii is the founder of @SteemFlagRewards. This group of people care about Steem. You may see others complaining they are victimised by them, but they always downvote for a reason. They were doing this long before we got free downvotes (or flags as they used to be known). Anyone can lend a hand with this effort.
  • @detlev has run the Beer Saturday giveaway for over two years. Just make a post about beer and you could win some Steem.
  • @runningproject supports and resteems posts by runners. I would hope that they will be part of a running community when that feature comes out of beta.

I would love to see others doing #FollowFriday posts. I do it to help people make connections. The social side of Steem is vital to me. I am not making enough to justify the time I spend here, so it has to be fun. Treat it as you would other social platforms. If more people spend more time here then it will grow.

Steem on!

The geeky guitarist and facilitator of the 10K Minnows Project.


Woot! Thanks for the shoutout!

No problem. Always happy to promote good stuff.

You should change to be Scottish

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That has actually been discussed in our house :) I like Scotland, but the weather can be a bit much up there compared to here. They do have a few hills to run up and down.

I can imagine you running up the Ben Nevis...
btw, not sure what to do with the @runningproject... should we create a community or join the already created running community?

You could create your own, but I assume a post can only be in one. One issue is that apps like Actifit and Exhaust will not support posting to communities for a while, but people could put their general running posts in the community. It provides an alternative to resteeming as you can follow the community instead. We will have to see how people use them. I think they offer some moderation features and you can appoint admins.

I have walked up Ben Nevis and that was hard enough. I have run up some hills around Edinburgh when I've been up there. That's a good workout.

That is pretty interesting that the statistics just dropped off like that. If I knew of another place to tell you the usage I would definitely share it. You picked some fine individuals to highlight this week!

I have mentioned before that the Alexa stats Hypestat use seem to have lost a few big countries, so that may explain part of the drop, but Steemit was falling before that happened. It was a top 1000 site globally for a while. We need to keep up the hype here and on other platforms. There are lots of people tweeting about Steem. I keep saying on Twitter that I will create accounts for people.

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If more people spend more time here then it will grow.

No, it's hit. It's been hit. Words been out for a long, long time how this platform operates. Instead of focus on what's wrong you carry on with the same old, same old then add insult to injury by allowing the appics stuff where, (and I am sure Anthony thought I missed it in his post the other day but I didn't) one person gets to come on here and break all the rules others weren't allowed to and be half way to dolphin in a couple months time. Anthony was off track in his assessment of the platform is desperate to onboard new users. If you are desperate you don't keep doing the wrong things. Basically what he said read out to me the same as if he'd said "I'll overlook this person being given advantage over others because she has more experience giving head."....not much difference when you base it on looks.

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