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        Steem price holding strong. Price is really correlating with BTC price.  Exciting times to be in Steem. Really enjoying  the  opportunity. Seems like Steem price being $10 is right around the corner. Will not be that far away.  Nothing but upward trend in store for Steem.

        If you do your research , you will find that  people are starting to notice Steem.  People are noticing how the platform is positioned for  being a major player in the social media forum. Its potential is incredible and as mass adoption of cryptocurrency/ blockchain technology progresses, Steem awareness will ensue and people will invest in it more and more.  It's not outrageous to see Steem price go over $20 in 2018. 

        What do you guys think?  Love to hear your comments and opinions to eventual price of Steem. 

        Disclaimer : Never invest funds more than what you can afford to lose. This post is my own  personal opinion/speculations/ insights . Please  do your own research before making any investment decisions.  I am not a financial adviser, nor am I giving any financial advice. If you make any trades after reading this post,  you accept  accountability and  responsibility  for any  lose  that you may incur. By reading this post you acknowledge and accept that.      


its really an exciting time to be on steemit, my steem prediction for this year is $50. that would be great for steem.

this is a great website with alot of potential. IT'll be much easier to earn funds now, before the public really catches on. I think the value of steem could be much higher as this site and crypto in general gains popularity.

Once BTC rises, which it should in Feb, we should be rolling in the $s!

I definitely would not put $20 by the end of the year out of the question!! Steem still seems super undervalued! A working product with thousands of active users and lightning fast transactions...

Is this price rise happening on other exchanges? Poloniex had a huge volume change and then went really quiet. Quite baffled if this means the price rise is still ongoing.

what good article friend that I was thinking a few days ago, I think it would be good for users like me who are new to the platform to invest in our SP do not know what you think.

The steem and other cryptocurrencies have a goog projection, but it is unpredictable, since many factors can make it fall, although the picture looks good for steem. Particularly i think it is a cryptocurrency with enough confidence and that will keep it going up. Good post!

hey friend how have you been, you need your good post

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