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The STEEM Blockchain LIVES!!!

I just re-fresehd my witness list to now see 11 out of 20 Witnesses running the Steem Blockchain version that is NOT Justin Sun's version.


The STEEM ARMY & SPUD FORCE & the STEEM Community Overall have defeated the EMPIRE OF THE SUN!

This mean no change is Power Down time, 13 Weeks it remains, and the Exchanges will Suffer Pains for loosing their brains.

The price of STEEM Could potentially JUMP much higher SHOULD those User FUNDs that are now locked up for like the next 12 weeks or so need to be returned immediately. This could put a serious price pressure on whatever liquid STEEM is available.

My OPINION is if ANY OF YOU have any liquid STEEM on any of the exchanges, withdraw it and bring it home to your wallet and then Powering it up would be even better. This might force the Exchanges to have to buy STEEM on the open market in order to fulfill clients' request to withdraw STEEM funds from their accounts. This could be a major tit-for-tat the Exchanges deserve for their insolence if not negligence.





We are a true decentralized governance.
We will win against any attempts of centralization.

Really...like you don't know....the Koreans hold the balance ...no one is going anywhere...

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but but but we now have 11 of the 20 witnesses .... I believe they have allowed some of this to occur, but should their demands not be met they could still favor Justin which is suicidal in terms of caring about the value of your Steem. Hopefully they realize that the old New Steem is way better than a SUNny day in TronLand even though it is imperfect.
Again, should we win this WAR, because ultimately it is a tug of war, it will be historical, could spike the price and will open the eyes of the World to the STEEM blockchain.

We only have a balance because of Proxy.token...did you see theyr demands...it can very easily go oneside... Exchanges don't even need to use voting again..

@abbak7 if we lose the proxy.token support, do we lose all the og witnesses from top 20 again? or do we at least keep a few?

Nope...we don't even have close....they keep it like this,so it can be talks...but,they want same shit like Justin...1/3 day PDown,no Downvoted,plus crap..

Yet they aren't on Justin's side? I don't get it?

@abbak7 Also, should the price of STEEM jump up to say .25 or .30c do you think that influences proxy.token to favor og witnesses no matter what? or are they set on their demands no matter what?

I have no knowledge about any price talks... sorry..

Thanks for the information friend

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@Huobi now is powering down. I hope that this whole series of unfortunate events would be over soon @streetstyle.

Totally agree!!

@tipu curate

What happened to steem if Justin win?

Only he truly knows what he plans to do, but he would have enough voting power to basically do anything he wants. He has mentioned merging the Tron and STEEM blockchain, which means no more STEEM. Justin Sun's blockchain's are not decentralized and neither would STEEM be if this were to happen.
Have you voted for the og witnesses @cloudspyder ?

Awesome !!!!!!!!

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