2020 - A blockchain Odyssey

in #steem4 years ago

Credits: Karl Fitzgerald

As a big science fiction fan - A space odyssey is one of my favorite masterpiece(s) (both book and the movie).

Intervention of an outisde/divine "force" with the monolith - guided the early monkey clan to prosper and evolve into beings we are today, until we evolved enough to understand our planet/community and overcome all difficulties. 2nd Monolith or evolution of humans happened on the moon... Once biggest enemies standing side by side, in one mission - to explore the space and reach the 3rd monolith and actually conquer the solar system.

Whatever happened in the last year on steem escalating during the last month - acted as a monolith for steem community. to Evolve, overcome personal troubles between each others, stand against the tigers, fight off the enemy tribe for that piece of water... Harsh lands - there is no place for weak, and our community is strong! Stronger than anyone imagined.

If you do not believe - everyone is amazed by our efforts and deliverance!

Pick up that bone, smash some skulls! Hear the song and dance around the monolith tonight!

It is time to ascend!

Wish you all the best!