@Swap.app Updates: simplyfing memos, Steem / Hive -> BTC ready to go

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Hi guys, few small updates today related to using memos when transferring funds to @swap.app.


Steem <-> Hive

Previously when the user wanted to swap Steem to Hive or Hive to Steem, he needed to use the right memo.

Now, no memo is needed for Steem <-> Hive swaps.

If you send Steem to @swap.app, it's gonna be swapped to Hive, and when you send Hive - it's gonna be swapped to Steem. You can use empty memo in both cases.

Steem -> SBD and Hive -> HBD

If you want to swap your Steem to SBD - use memo sbd.
If you want to swap your Hive to HBD - use memo hbd.

Steem / Hive -> BTC

We've already completed few swaps directly to BTC and all is working as intended :)
To swap your Steem / Hive directly to BTC, send it to @swap.app with memo:
btc your_btc_walled_address
For example:
btc 1GUR9r21wTt53xC7NCim3GKeES63tWTPPP

You can also encrypt your message so it's visible only to you and @swap.app by adding # at the start of the memo:
#btc 1GUR9r21wTt53xC7NCim3GKeES63tWTPPP

The swap ratio is the same as on binance. There's a 0.7% fee for the exchange and 0.0001 BTC withdrawal fee - which is 4 times lower than on Binance and 5 times lower than on Bittrex - so pretty good deal :)

The actual ratio with a calculator is coming soon and will be available on the @swap.app website.

BTC -> Steem / Hive is also coming but we need the website so you can receive the BTC deposit address.

Feel free to join @swap.app discord: https://discord.gg/T6dydXy if you have any questions or need support.
See you soon!

Do BTC addresses starting with 3.. And bc1... are supported as well?

We've tested legacy -> segwit (bc1) and it worked without problems, 3... should be all good too :)

Hi @cardboard, I sent Hive (10 hours ago) but didn't receive the equivalent Steem on the other chain.

Didn't read about the memo though. Any way to fix this?

Thank you


Sure, will refund. Steem nodes are not happy today.

I’ve just tried to swap 10.652 tokens for Steem, but I didn’t get the Steem! Please check.
Thank you.

I see it went trough but with some delay.

yes, it went through fine. I want to delegate more HP to @tipU but I need to know if it is still possible. And if you have a link for undelegating, please post so I can switch a few more SP from others. Thank you.

Timely + Saves me time that I didn't have.
Both of two previous uses went perfectly and faster than I am.
You're building trust and for my purposes, it's a great deal.
Thank you!

This looks good. I will definitely give it a try soon.

Wow. That's great. I wish to use the Bitcoin swap soon just like I used the Steem swap to Hive

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Very interesting thanks I will look into using this option.

Thanks for the good information.