I plan to stop voting.

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More news from Hardfork 21: The reduced curation window is reducing from 15 minutes to 1 minute. This isn't in and of itself a bad change, but just the change requiring adjustment is enough to push me over to something I've been thinking about for a while - dropping the voting system entirely. I'm one of the few people here able to take advantage of the new window, but it really doesn't seem worth putting the work in, even though I already have an autovoter that's probably still functional.

Coming at the same time, some new upgrades to @ottermaker are eating resource credits like mad, so I'm using more Steem to generate more RCs. If I vote on you you've probably seen the vote value go down a few times this week as I push SP over to those accounts. I also have another project that's going to be eating up RCs soon, so I think it makes more sense to just convert to only using SP where I need the RCs.

It's been pretty clear to me for a while that the voting system is dying and there are better things to do with my money. I powered down most of my Steem over the winter and it's doing a lot better for me in Splinterlands-related projects and elsewhere. So at this point I'm ready to be done.

If I'm opting out of the voting system I'm probably opting out of the authorship system as well. Future posts will probably be limited to project announcements and Splinterlands tutorials. Not that I've been far from that anyway.

For those of you still participating, good luck.


If I'm opting out of the voting system I'm probably opting out of the authorship system as well.

I've been having similar thoughts, especially as I already make more on Splinterlands than by posting and curating and I haven't even worked out how to do Splinterlands well yet.

I've never powered down though so that would be a biggie for me. 😊

Your opting out, and I am thinking and considering opting into self voting. the self vote is looking like it could be profitable. Still debating that thought with myself though.

Self-voting is the ethical thing to do unless you are finding 10 pieces of content per day better than your own.

Convergent linear will make that difficult. They're making self-voting only viable for whales.

I figured it was something like that. @grumpycat post and comment system will work for the whales, but not smaller accounts, okay glad to know that then, why risk the flags on my small accounts.

Oh you have been splendid on my posts for months now. I am most grateful for your support.

I am slowly getting into splinterlands but I still enjoy creating content so I will have to combine it all. Right now, I am looking for projects that I am comfortable with and getting involved with them. Hopefully, I will come out on top after hf21.

Thinking the change to 1 minute will handicap those who actually curate and not just vote for profit regardless of what was produced by the author. I vote regardless of time, but not seeing the connection to quality curation and a 1 minute window.

Seems like two possibilities to me:

  • They figured out that the window makes Steem harder for people to use without improving anything, but need to save face vs. just removing it
  • Just more fiddling while Rome burns.

Either way, eh.

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Would been nice under Hf20 for voting comments. Don't see myself doing a lot of that under HF21.

Best of luck of your new projects! It's at least nice to see some are finding more value in RC by using it in other means.

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I haven't voted almost at all myself for quite a while now, probably a year or so. I just comment if I have something to say. You pretty much need several millions of STEEM Power to have a meaningful vote these days anyway. Throwing some cents or a few dollars around just doesn't matter. I also don't care about getting these votes myself.