What Does Decentralization Mean To Me? Initiative.

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Since the recent events with the #STEEMHostileTakeOver - I think it's important we understand the Steem communities' thoughts on Blockchain & Decentralization & if/why it's important to you.

What do you think are the fundamental building blocks of blockchain?

What does decentralization mean to you, is it important, why?

What are your thoughts on blockchain and decentralization? - Please write a whole post sharing your thoughts; there are no right or wrong answers.

10 posts (shared on Twitter or other social media) will be rewarded with 100% upvotes. Even if your post isn't in the top 10, upvotes will be given in lesser amounts to active participants.


  • Share your Steem post to Twitter. Comment below with both your Twitter & Steem post link.
  • Use the tag #decentralizesteem in your Steem post & use the hashtag #STEEMHostileTakeover in your tweet.
  • The title of your Steem post should be "What Does Decentralization Mean To Me" & the main Steem tag or one of the first 5 tags should be #decentralizesteem
  • @threespeak will be giving out upvotes for #threespeak videos based on this initiative!
    Don't forget to use the tag POSH for extra posh upvotes.

Personal Note. While the future is uncertain, the way we approach it is in our hands. There is no perfect defense in life, therefore it's not about how well your current defense is, but how strongly you can resist. How strongly you can stand strong, adapt, grow and overcome unfavorable conditions. This is STEEM's greatest test yet.

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@steempeak will support this initiative with some upvotes as well because we believe this is an important subject.

Thanks for this, @steempeak!

Awesome. Thanks @steempeak.

Thank's for your support my friends... regards from Venezuela


Here's my response — https://steempeak.com/hive-174578/@d-pend/decentralization-reverse-engineering-nature

And the tweet sharing it —

Cheers man! Thanks for the thought-provoking prompt.

Ok! Now this is an important conversation for the Steem Community to think about and discuss.

I weighed in with a post about the subject of decentralization:

Thanks for creating this initiative! I think i've never written something that important and it felt so good to do that!


Thanks for your Upvote! <3

Hi Dan, thanks for the privilege, here is my entry

Proof of share on Twitter

You are great!

Nice initiative! It's taken me a while to realize it but, to me, DECENTRALIZATION IS EVERYTHING.

Here's my contribution. On SteemPeak and on Twitter.

it's a wonderful topic that we must talk about because some invaders think of ordering us what to do.

Wow! Love this initiative! Great idea!

I'll try to do my part but I'm still trying to talk sense to friends and family about the virus.

So many with serious, preexisting conditions and therefor in high risk groups with a huge risk appetite.

Sorry for dropping this in here Dan but I had to get it off of my chest and I wanted to hear what you and other steemians think. Gotta make a post about this.

Is this just me or are you guys also concerned for those who are still in denial what is going on?


PS: Please stay safe everybody!

Decentralization is an opportunity to make things right, not worse.
-Own Opinionated Quote

@theycallmedan, Have a great time ahead and stay blessed.

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The community stand with you guys in every aspect.

Great I begin writing a post in the name of @greendeliverence. You know that binance unfroze 12 million tron? I think binance is dumping it soon. Or swapping it to steem?

It’s an great initiative and I loved writing to participate in this contest

Twitter link :-

Steempeak link :- https://steempeak.com/decentralizesteem/@amit1995/what-does-decentralization-mean-to-me

Two day before start this initiative i wrote this:

¿Por qué importa la descentralización en Steem? | Why does decentralization matter at Steem?

My tweet about

I hope to be taken into account this time, because in my previous attempt in another initiative, I did not come out favored...thanks for giving the fight in the #SteemHostileTakeOver

Hi Dan,
My entry for this initiative. Thanks.

steempeak link- https://steempeak.com/hive-148441/@reeta0119/what-decentralization-means-to-me


I love ❤decentralization
My entry:



My entry sir:xD

Steemit post link:

Proof of tweet:

Thank you.

I suggest you all that ask for Justin sun what does decentralised systems means for him ?? And tag him

Tweet link :-

Steempeak link :- ‪https://steempeak.com/decentralizesteem/@sumit1998/what-does-decentralization-mean-to-me‬

Hi @theycallmedan here are links to my entry

Link to Tweet:

Link to Steem post: https://steempeak.com/@belemo/what-does-decentralization-mean-to-me

Great challenge to get our focus back on the fundamentals. ✊


Hi, dear @theycallmedan, here my entry for your great contest....

My steemit post...


My Tweet...

Hi Dan

Here's my 3speak post and Shared on twitter as well. Thanks

Steempeak- https://steempeak.com/hive-100421/@alokkumar121/zybkuqvq


My entries

Dan! Thanks so much for the initiative. Ive been thinking a lot about this topic lately, since our faith in crypto has recently been put to the test.. I've written my post in a way that will appeal to people outside of our platform, so that I can publish on medium etc..

So here is my entry!


I guess ill just stick to trading, my writing is garbage lol

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