Steem Blast Special Event: Let's get the attention of @coinbase!

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In case you haven't heard, Coinbase is scouting out new cryptocurrencies to potentially list on their site. Getting STEEM listed on Coinbase would be HUGE.

Here are steps you can take to help get STEEM listed:

(1) Retweet and comment on this twitter post from @followbtcnews:

(2) Create your own tweets that say why Coinbase should list STEEM. One suggestion is to tell Coinbase which Steem-based app is your favorite and tag that apps twitter account. Be sure to use the #steem hashtag and tag the @coinbase twitter account in your tweet.
(3) Also post to other social media sites and tag @coinbase where you can.
(4) Join the SteemBlast Discord channel so you can share your links, and upvote/re-tweet/etc. the links from others.
(5) If you have a Coinbase account, login and "Star" STEEM. Instructions can be found in this post.
(6) Tell everyone you know to do the same!

Here are resources you can use for your messaging if you aren't sure what to say:

Be sure to join the SteemBlast Discord channel to stay up to date with the latest SteemBlast info!


That's the spirit, Tim!

I sadly don't have regular social media accounts, but resteemed it nevertheless :)

@therealwolf there are a lot of users that can’t star Steem on COINBASE, and no one knows why. If you have any suggestions can you make a post😟

The best I can figure is the star/favorite is PC based....... I am Mac.
I have an old PC ( 2009) and tried Internet explorer would not load, chrome did load on PC, but no star's. So I Tweeted them a Steem request.

"I sadly don't have regular social media accounts" =)
You rock man, I don't have any of those accounts either...


The only thing I can do, I will do :) Star it on coinbase and tell everyone I know to do the same..


Great Work Tim! keep it up! retweeting the post on twitter now and the star has been clicked!
Coinbase - Google Chrome 10_10_2018 6_42_39 PM.png

I only have one tweet on my 8 year old twitter and it is asking for steem to be apart of coinbase. 😁

I have also sent an email to support asking to add steem!

Great idea!

Haha, good one :)

All very good ideas, @timcliff, thanks for sharing them, here :)

That would be great if Coinbase lists Steem! Meantime, as a writer with a following of thousands, continuing to share word of Steem/it with all my readers/platforms.

Hope it helps _/|\_


join the discord where chatting is disabled lol

Please read the message in #general. There are four open channels for discussion.

I dropped by coinbase to star and favourite Steem! If it can get listed there, we will have both investor but more importantly user interest!

On it and sharing in SteemSpeak! Thanks Tim!

I'm late to the party, but any idea how this flash Coinbase campaign is going? Also, I like the idea of a unified, and yet diversified message. I liked realwolf's idea of starring the coinbase list (if you could), too, since that was a direct action on coinbase. Looks like Coinbase is fairly active on Twitter and tweeted about what they're calling Asset Pages (the page with the Top 50 cryptos on it) back on 9-27/28. The comments I saw on the first tweet mentioning this were all for XRP. Didn't look at all of them, though. Only see a few tweets in #coinbase. The rest are in #steem. Looks like there was some activity several hours ago. :)

Stars on coinbase may not work for everyone.

Tweeting and sharing.

been following this on twitter and seeing more people on steem stepping up to fire up this campaign.

awesome to see the steem community come together for this :)

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I wondered when you would get on top of this. 😁
Its a must at this point. The others may have a higher market cap but none of them have a community like this one. To the Moon

Good call Tim. I've joined the campaign:

They already have it listed in the app for price tracking purposes only (as an unsupported coin), so hopefully it gets picked for the next step and becomes tradable!

Yes - this is a huge opportunity.

We need to get behind this - already resteemed @therealwolf's push on this earlier but happy to resteem this one too!

Thank you Tim for being such a great spokesman & motivator for STEEM!

Have followed your instructions above and done what I can :)

I just tweeted the link to this post, we need more movement from social media especially Twitter base. Steem 🚀 💪

i'm not on "regular" social media, but i did make a post about it! - thanks!

he he thats the spirit!



I only just finished working out how to use coinbase, but I did it... now to share on social media!

Yes Coinbase LISTEN TO US!! If they can add ETH Clasic THEY CAN ADD Steem!

I am definitely on board with this!

Watching and waiting.
Hopefully we can see €6 again soon.

I don't really use twitter but i have an account and will put it there too. Someone might see it.

I think seeing the community rally to get a free listing on Netcoins will add more clout to the Coinbase push. Baby steps😉

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This is now resteemd @timcliff!
Thanks for all your efforts!
Keep it up!


Great idea!

My tweet:

It would be gr8!

The largest Brazilian virtual community in a blockchain technology, @brazilians, and our members are supporting this proposal! Congratulations on the performance and taking care of the protocol that is already very important for us, and will be of great social and economic impact!

Starred even without the option :D

Good Job! @socky see this?

The point - none of this will do anything whatsoever, apart from perhaps annoy someone at coinbase

Maybe who knows, better tweet at @ned to go fill up the form here like a good STEEMIT INC CEO

Steemit, Inc. is already aware of the listing form, and they are on top of working with exchanges on stuff like this.

So why make a post about "voting" for Steem in Coinbase when there is no such thing for starters ... it's just favorites and for me in any case without a funded account the average Steem user can't influence them much anyway.

Very glad to hear confirmation Steemit Inc are on top of the form application.

I didn't really agree with your assertion that it would do nothing. We don't really know what criteria that they use for deciding whether to list a coin or not. I suspect that active community plays a part.

you are correct. active community is good :)

Done, I'm in. Would love to see steem on coinbase.

We can do it!!!

Resteemed and upvoted!

트위터의 FollowThatBitcoin 님    coinbase let s get  steem  with over 920K wallet addresses  added to your exchange please  https   t co 7PwXeTm04q .png

Coinbase (1).png

mission complete.. Vamos Steemit

Why are Steem deposits suspended on Binance?

It has been down since the hardfork. You would have to contact Binance support to get more information.

They said to contact The Project team and Steem hasn’t replied to any of my tweets lol

The Steemit development team is not responsible for getting Binance's wallet up and running. Also, any communication that Binance has with Steemit, Inc. in the process of getting their wallet up and running would be confidential - so Steemit would not be able to publicly share that information.

You've made the Steemit Minute for today! Congrats!

Check out the Video Here:

I've made steem to my watchlist from coinbase.

Hello @timcliff,

You are one of my Steemit witnesses, and I'm here to inform you of a fantastic opportunity to promote STEEM.

Please check out the information in my article:

STEEM On Netcoins Contest: EVERYbody Wins!

I'm not looking for your vote or reSteem...

I am asking you to take action to promote this!
It seems clear to me that it will benefit the entire Steemit community.

Thank you in advance for your consideration!



Hey, Tim,

Thanks so much for your positive response. I'm confident that your support and promotion of this effort will help reach a large set of followers and help get the vote out and over the top for STEEM.

Thank you for this effort. If Coinbase has Steem in their tokens it will be amazing for sure.



Sure why not time to take steem to the next level together we can :)

Thanks for the great call. Also voted already and waiting to vote the third time

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Fairly Novel To Me : What is Coinbase all about @timcliff is one of the main entry points for people interested in buying cryptocurrency. Currently if you want to buy STEEM for USD, you first have to buy a coin like BTC or ETH from a site like coinbase first, and then transfer to an exchange where you can trade the BTC/ETH for STEEM. If you could buy STEEM directly from coinbase for USD, that would be huge.

Got It. Thanks!!

Das sollten alle hier machen.
Steem go

Anything for the good and to collaborate with steem, I will be glad to work and give my contribution. It pleases me to see you so animated Tim, the good energy is always necessary to continue ahead, with good ideas and projects.
Good vibe.

Resteemed and tweeted!

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let's do it.

I support this.

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