Top 100 Posts of 2017 by USD Payout!

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Top 100 Posts of 2017 by USD Payout!

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Wow, looking back 2017 was an amazing year for Steem and Steemit. We've seen new record highs in user adoption, shattered all records in terms of blockchain capacity, and hit new record highs for the price of Steem and SBD! The future is looking increasingly bright. More and more new users are joining up who already have huge followings on Facebook, YouTube, and other platforms, and awareness and interest in Steem are continuing to grow.

I wanted to take a quick post to reflect on the past year (and practice my coding a little!) and look at the top 100 rewarded posts of 2017. If you're interested in the nitty-gritty details, I tested out a monthly subscription to SteemSQL, a service by @arcange that I highly recommend, along with the historical SBD price data from coinmarketcap to generate these values. As you may or may not know, the dollar amount you see next to posts is not exactly the actual US dollar value of the payout, due to the fluctuating value of Steem-Backed Dollars (especially recently!).

So anyway, I hope you enjoy this trip down memory lane, and have some fun looking at some of the most influential posts of 2017!

AuthorTitleDateUSD PayoutLink
@darthnavaFellow Steemers, I Need Help as My MRI Results Are Not Encouraging2017-06-05$20661Link
@noisyWe just hacked 11 accounts on Steemit! ~$21 749 in STEEM and SBD is under our control. But we are good guys ?? So...2017-06-07$9976Link
@roelandp[save the date] SteemFest 2017 - Creamy & Delicious - 1/2/3 (+4/5) November - Lisbon2017-05-30$8991Link
@transistoDonating 5000$ and raising money with this post for covering some of SteemData costs + server upgrade. (by @Furion)2017-12-30$8026Link
@jestaAn experimental script for running ICO-like events on Steem2017-06-07$7634Link
@jestachainBB beta update - sub-forums2017-06-02$5955Link
@trafalgar3 months, 1000 Followers and $1 Million Later...2017-06-08$5825Link
@ludorum# 정말 도움이 필요합니다. 저희 집에 불이 났습니다. / Need Your Help. My House Was Burnt Out.2017-06-10$5267Link
@teamsteemSome Steem Tips For Some Steem Success!2017-06-06$4964Link
@cheetahFAQ about Cheetah2017-06-08$4928Link
@jestaVessel 0.2.0 - Interact with Steem securely from any website2017-12-09$4824Link
@jestaVessel - desktop wallet pre-release - looking for feedback2017-05-20$4807Link
@sweetsssjMiss. Delicious #86 : Shrimping in Taipei!2017-12-31$4759Link
@josephWhy Will Ethereum Fail?2017-06-01$4611Link
@timsaidMyth or Fact? #17 – Cockroaches can survive a nuclear catastrophe2017-05-17$4604Link
@kevinwongWhy Should You Consider Accumulating Steem Power?2017-06-06$4393Link
@jerrybanfieldSteem Video Ad #1 on Facebook and YouTube featuring 10 Reasons for $10 Steem in 10 Months!2017-06-02$4338Link
@jestachainBB beta update - new forums + claiming rewards + post previews2017-06-10$3994Link
@timcliffYou should join Steemit. Here is why.2017-06-04$3979Link
@infovoreMaking A Change With Blockchain: Revolutionizing The Advertising and Publishing Industry2017-06-02$3782Link
@furionSteemit's Community Engagement is up over 1,000%2017-06-08$3569Link
@theywillkillyouIntroducing “They Will Kill You” - From YouTube to Steemit (and Everywhere in Between)2017-06-03$3415Link
@trafalgarIs The World Becoming More Violent?2017-06-10$3352Link
@infovoreSolving Real World Problems – Improving The Quality of Life The Decentralized Way2017-06-09$3320Link
@kingscrownDouble-spend Attack on some Proof of Work Coins stopped by Bittrex2017-06-02$3206Link
@furionIntroducing the Mentions App for Steem2017-05-29$3159Link
@kingscrownInteresting Facts about Bitcoin Blocks and Lost Coins2017-06-04$3007Link
@kingscrownWhy its good Steemit didnt have ICO and has no Ads - Based on Case of MyCellium2017-06-06$2989Link - a blockchain forum platform for Steem2017-05-08$2965Link
@teamsteemWhat Will You Be Steeming When Billions Are Watching!2017-06-08$2960Link
@pfunkpfunk PeerPlays Witness Proposal2017-06-09$2930Link
@teamsteemI Saw Your Dance Video And Now I Know You're Rich!2017-06-11$2924Link
@teamsteemSome Steem Stats!2017-05-21$2896Link
@andrarchySteemit 101: STEEM, Steem Dollars, Steem Power2017-06-07$2851Link
@kingscrownBitshares the older brother of STEEM at All TIme High (Vote for New Exchange to Add it!)2017-06-09$2832Link
@timsaidMyth or Fact? #24 – Watermelon Seeds will grow inside your Stomach2017-06-06$2819Link
@furionfurion joins Peerplays2017-06-10$2792Link
@trafalgarHow Effective is Our Prison System?2017-06-12$2759Link
@furionSteemit's adoption in non English speaking world2017-05-31$2670Link
@kingscrownPSA Freewallet and Jaxx Getting Robbed - Over 10 Million USD Stolen2017-06-13$2654Link
@timsaidTimTravels - London: My new Hometown! Part 22017-06-09$2628Link
@good-karmaeSteem feedback loop and reward, incentivization program2017-06-08$2600Link
@furionSteemData meets sbds - SQL Users Rejoice2017-06-01$2551Link
@thisisbenbrickHelp me welcome two new people to Steemit!2017-06-03$2542Link
@kyriacosDoes It Really Matter How People Make Money on Steemit?2017-06-08$2534Link
@good-karmaSteemPoll v2 beta release and improvements poll2017-06-01$2523Link
@kingscrownPeerplays Launched! Guide, Small Interview, Network Stats and .. judge-dredd Witness Proposal!2017-06-12$2507Link
@josephWin a Free Trip to Lisbon, Portugal to Attend SteemFest II2017-06-20$2475Link
@kingscrownUSA wants.. Travelers to Declare Bitcoin at the Border!2017-06-20$2468Link
@timsaidMyth or Fact? #23 – Tea has Theine and Coffee has Caffeine2017-06-01$2446Link
@roelandpSteemFest² Updates - Hotel(s) Booking Site Now Available!2017-06-14$2433Link
@good-karmaeSteem - Feature Set #10 (Change Language, Change Currency)2017-06-02$2427Link
@jestaVessel 0.0.6 - Steem Power Delegation2017-05-25$2418Link
@firepowerSuccessful #1 India Steemit Accelerator and Steem Cryptocurrency Meetup 2017!2017-06-12$2411Link
@sweetsssjMy 3000 follower milestone : Is now conquered - Big thank you to all my followers and Steemit - Here's a recap of my entire journey!2017-06-20$2402Link
@timsaidMyth or Fact? #25 - Bats are blind2017-06-12$2396Link
@good-karmaeSteem - Feature Set #11 (Login with QR code, Add multiple accounts)2017-06-11$2391Link
@furionLessons learned from failing as a witness2017-05-31$2384Link
@iangThe limits of knowledge - why we don't know enough about blockchain2017-06-06$2360Link
@good-karmaeSteem - iOS v1.4.5, Schedule posts, Bandwidth saver, language, improvements, minor Android fix2017-05-30$2359Link
@officialfuzzyBeyondBitcoin Bounties -- Whaleshares "Meta-Token" Logo Contest! (Round 1/3) [1000's of Steem in Prizes!]2017-05-30$2310Link
@trafalgarTop 4 Ways Humans Might Go Extinct2017-06-20$2295Link
@theywillkillyouTransitioning From Full-Time YouTuber to Full-Time…STEEMIAN???2017-06-12$2281Link
@voronoiSTEEMIT PARK : A Community Hotspot in Brooklyn (Crowdfunding + Awards Update)2017-06-05$2268Link
@sweetsssjMiss. Delicious #64 : South Beauty - the newest Sichuan cuisine fad in China!2017-06-19$2264Link
@good-karmagood-karma peerplays witness2017-06-10$2241Link
@timsaidTimTravels - London: My new Hometown! Part 12017-06-08$2219Link
@busy.orgBusy News: Three months Beta, What's new/next?2017-05-11$2216Link
@sweetsssjTravel with me #65 : Adventure to the Safari World in Bangkok!2017-06-09$2203Link
@officialfuzzyHow should one distribute a $1 trillion dollar treasure?2017-06-11$2202Link
@jestaPeerplays blockchain launched, and throwing my hat in to the witness list2017-06-07$2184Link
@kingscrownGuy sent Bitcoin Transaction with 80BTC as fee.. Pool offers to give him the money back [+ Little Guide]2017-06-08$2172Link
@sweetsssjTravel with me #64 : Adventure to the top of the Namuang WaterFall !2017-06-06$2169Link
@furionIntroducing conductor, a simple Steem Witness Toolkit2017-05-26$2147Link
@timsaidMyPictureSunday#8 - Testing my new Nikon D750! + New Challenge2017-06-11$2137Link
@ats-davidOstracism on Steemit: Why or Why Not?2017-06-05$2125Link
@josephNo trollbox on Poloniex - The grass is green again for alts - Free Lamborghini2017-06-07$2115Link
@samupahaWARNING, potential scam: "Mogul - Build Your Invisible Empire"2017-06-04$2103Link
@officialfuzzyBreaking: @Officialfuzzy and @jamesc open up BitChute + Steem Partnership Connection! Will the Community Rise to the Occasion?2017-05-11$2069Link
@officialfuzzy[Guest Signups] Beyond Bitcoin Hangout #208 - 5/26/17 - (Debut your Project for a Cut of Hangout Earnings!)2017-05-20$2035Link
@aggroedA Tender Heart and a Dedicated Asshole: The Enigma of @berniesanders2017-06-09$2025Link
@steempowerBitshares - State of the Network - 20th June 20172017-06-21$2016Link
@kyriacosThe Making of RandoWhale [ Brand Design / Logo Presentation ]2017-06-12$2012Link
@jerrybanfieldBest Search Engine Optimization (SEO) Strategies for 2017: Get Steemit Readers and Followers Automatically with Google Organic Search Traffic!2017-06-05$2008Link
@jrcornelBitcoin getting close to Mass Adoption in Japan?2017-06-05$1989Link
@josephElectrical Brain Stimulation2017-06-10$1985Link
@allasyummyfoodFINALLY ITS HERE.... I PRESENT YOU STEEMIT BIKINI2017-06-02$1974Link
@bloggingforbeansBlogging for Beans: A Coffee Venture for the Steem Community2017-05-31$1973Link
@kingscrownCrazy things happening in Crypto World Lately!2017-06-10$1973Link
@steempowerBitshares - State of the Network - 6th June 20172017-06-07$1955Link
@good-karmaeSteem - Feature Set #9 (Voters info, Day and Night mode)2017-05-20$1949Link
@modprobeLet's Talk About Secure Messaging Apps2017-06-05$1945Link
@razvanelulmarinEOS ICO announced. What's gonna happen and some updates from Dan.2017-06-11$1943Link
@kingscrownGolos has FREE Money for 2016 Streemians (2000 Followers Special)2017-06-01$1926Link
@cryptoctopusHow to Become a Paid Beta Tester?2017-06-07$1885Link
@good-karmaSteem multi-authority permissions and how Posting authority works2017-05-29$1863Link
@cryptoctopusChainBB - A Review of what may become way bigger than steemit.com2017-05-19$1842Link
@josephPeerplays blockchain, Witness Proposal.2017-06-08$1838Link
@pharesimReview: ASUS Zenfone 3 Zoom (ZE553KL) photography smartphone2017-06-03$1825Link

Several authors dominated the top-100 list of 2017 with multiple posts making the list:


I hope this was an interesting post for you, and here's wishing you all a happy and successful 2018!
Trogdor :)


I see like 95% of the posts are about steemit, and then this one-

Myth or Fact? #17 – Cockroaches can survive a nuclear catastrophe

Which leads me to believe I need be writing about Steemit a lot more often with the occasional insect post thrown in. My ratio of steemit to insect posts is not optimized for maximum earning potential apparently.

Lol, exactly. Of course it helps if you have some connections too haha

It does totally help a lot if you happen to have tons of friends on steemit (like some have 1000s on Facebook)

There's a theme here, most those posts are boring as shit lol I was hoping you compiled your favorite posts but now thinking about that statement that'd be incredibly hard. For what it's worth this post wasn't boring and it was interesting to see the list. Have a great night

Lol, I dont know how I would think of my personal top 100 posts. I'd have to go back and reread thousands of posts haha

Yeah those few big hitters rocked 2017. Well deserved too. Many of those big payouts were for steemit community stuff, so yay, making this a bigger better platform! Go palnetSteem!

Yeah definitely, thanks for reading!

A HUGE CONGRATULATIONS! Very interesting post my Friend! Thank you so very much for sharing! I strongly believe that 2018 is going to be a very special year for Steem and the Great Steemit Community! All the best! Warm Wishes! Positive Energy! Great Karma! Your Friend @extraterrestrial :)

Thanks for reading!

This is a really interesting post indeed. I guess it's natural that you would get many repeat successes, but to be honest, I expected a bit more diversity. I guess the people with the largest followings and the strongest support are the ones who can succeed regularly.

Yeah I see what you mean. Thanks for reading!

That was a very interesting read. I would have guessed sweetssj would have had more top payouts.

Thanks for reading! Yeah she definitely is up there every day.

Congratulations to all

I do not understand that there is so much sharing about steem. why do not we get so much upVotes in the current issues. while the goal is to make money while sharing information is always in second place. it is really sad

Hopefully the platform will keep getting better!

I am going to be in there one day :)

I hope you do! :) :) :)

when I do, I will introduce you in my post 😊

Awesome @Trogdor! Always awesome to see you supporting other members of the Community. It would be great to interview you on my MSP Waves Radio Show some time! Keep up the great work.

Thanks for reading! Not sure if I have much interesting to say though :p haha

Wow, These are some super inspiring #'s here :O Great Post!

Thanks for reading!

Thanks for sharing with us

Thanks for reading!

Thanks for the list Trogdor. Its interesting to see what types of posts explode like that. Ill need to puruse later to see what else i can do to get noticed in the same fashion. Organizing the data and providing in this list though is more than half the battle, Dilly Dilly!

The blockchain is the future of social networks. Applications like facebook, instagram and twitter have the days counted, or make a change in the direction of cryptocurrencies or will be forgotten. Platforms like steemit, steepshot, D-tube can be the future.

I agree 100%! Thanks for reading.

@trogdor sorry before I really do not know what you say but I try to translate using google translate. the development of steemit is very rapidly from 2017 until now, as a beginner I am very proud to be part of steemit.

Thanks for reading!

How can My Posts also gather that. How can I make great and tremendous improvement

Friends do take out time to check out all my post so far

Thank You...!!!

hello @trogdor a really descriptive share :). I'm new here I need experienced people like you, please support me

Ooh interesting!

Thank you very much for the information!!!
Successes! ;D


@trogdor hopefully in the next year I can be included into the 100 people who can get it .... I will be very genuine for all that

now steemit is indeed being tranding and many in the rush by young people.
and may of this year steemit growing and successful among the public.

Greeting succses from me @jamhur26

hopefully this year steemit progresses to all corners of the country.
Greeting succses from me : @andhika12

Inspiring to see!

Wow😯and i want be in this top!!!So work work work and i hope maybe somedays i will😊😊😊Follow you to see more interesting information!