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RE: Fully Decentralizing dApps

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Wow, part II really delivered!
First, I just want to congratulate you on stepping up your game developing and releasing your own API node, that's awesome! Hopefully more top witnesses follow your example.

It's really fascinating to learn more about the inner workings of the blockchain (and/or BFTs!). I particularly appreciate that you took the time to explain the distinctions between BFT (PoS/dPoS) and Blockchain (PoW) in such detail. I wasn't aware of the particulars that differentiate BFT from its predecessors.

I'm not going to lie, I'll have to read this post several times to really wrap my head around it but thanks so much for this - it's very valuable information for all Steemians.

Resteemed ;)


Glad you liked it! Indeed, there's a whole history of distributed consensus that's been around for decades. It surprises me that it seems to be a well kept academic secret -- there's a lot to learn by looking at previous work. Lots of problems have already been discovered and solved, and it feels like sometimes we're reinventing the wheel here.

Seems I need to keep writing on this topic :)

For sure, keep going...I'm definitely interested in:

geeking out about building the ultimate STEEM server

Great work over at greymass as well, you and jesta are a powerhouse combination!

It's been released!

And thank you! It's really awesome to be able to work on two chains that have basically the same internals. All the knowledge transfer back and forth between EOS and Steem has greatly improved my Steem knowledge, and vice versa.