#1 Wise-Team sync meeting 🎤. Today at 19:30 CET (18:30 UTC) on our discord channel

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What is a favorite color of our team? 🎨

A lot of people would answer, that violet is your favorite color. We like it... but there is also another color which we really like and it is: rgba(0, 0, 0, 0) or in other words transparent.

We decided to become a Steem Witness because we believe that things like decentralization, openness and transparency really matters. That's why we produce open-source software and that's why we decided to try make our weekly sync-meetings public.

But why?

Because we are not ideal and we do not know many things... but we want to be open about that, because we want to learn how to do things better!

This is going to be a test

To be honest, do not expect too much from our today's talk ;) We need to figure out a way how to make this in public. We are going to jump right into a middle of our war wind.


  • Preparation for SteemFest
  • Upcoming deployment of Engrave
  • Whats new about Wise
  • Status of our old noisy.witness account
  • Plans for next week

and many other smaller topic.


On our discord general voice channel.


Today at 19:30 CET (18:30 UTC)

Is it going to be recorded?

If we will handle this, yes... but there is no guarantee ;)


Congratulations @wise-team!
You raised your level and are now a Minnow!

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hi guys... can i start blogging on engrave yet? i'm there but don't see links to get things ripping ! peace

Yes! Just go to https://engrave.website/ and click Create Your Own Blog :)

yes, i'm one of the top bloggers now ,, haha ... well, as far as i can tell