Hello I'm yoonjang0707 Let's talk about my curator activities.

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Hello, I’m @yoonjang0707

01. There were too many opinion to write a curating article for the benefit.

Newcomers may not know well, but I started work as a “KR” curator about 10 months ago.

I was a member of the “Steem Guild”
“Steem guild” uses @ned’s Steem power to recommend good posts with little reward.
“Steem Guild” has been discontinued since March 2017, it was about four months ago.
At this time. The authors’ rewards in the Korea community were very low without “Steem guild”

There were so many authors leaving at this time because of low rewards.
Since, “Steem guild” can’t do activities, that I thought was that Korean communities should join together to activate the community
한국 스팀잇 커뮤니티의 발전을 위해 제안 드립니다.
< This article written for the community because there are many authors leaving.>
I read every post from the “KR” COMMUNITY every day and started recommending
“it is a “큐레이터가 뽑은 한국 스팀잇 커뮤니티 좋은 글 모음”
The starting date is March 15th, and I posted it steadily every day except about a week.
The problem is that if I did this because of the profit? I can say that I’m not.
Rewards are high for now, but in the past, it was 1~2$
If I did it only for profits I would have stopped.

If I did it only for profits, I would have commented that I would not be able to donw-vote my article what I was down-vote by Berniessanders.
(The Korean community made a mandatory comment because of down vote attack by berniessanders.
Berniessanders’ down-vote is because of fewer hits and fewer comments.
He sometimes did not down-vote if had a lot of comments and lots of views.
However, I did not care about down-vote attack
I just keep doing my own job.
In conclusion, even low rewards, even if I had down-vote attack, I worked without a break..

02. Did I use the profits for me ?

For me I did not use the profits.
I’m sure you can talk about this part.
I recently moved about 3300STEEM to the exchange market every weeks.
This 3300STEEM is The Steem that I have invested
I made POWERDOWN because of I want to make clear between my authors rewards and my invested Steem.

It was my personal promise to use 50% of my post rewards are used for Steemit marketing activities and non-English communities.
It’s not a rule made by someone.

If you check my wallet history, you can see my SBD transfer history.

if you can’t believe me, check my history at steemd.com/@yoonjang0707
It is from April 29 that I use exactly 50% reward use of community
From May 1st, I’ve summarized the revenue and community spending since then.
Authors rewards (only for community support post) from May 1 to today are 5021.55$
So 2510$ is the money use for community and marketing activities
And there’s a 100$ SBD contribution from @morning.
Totalk 2610$

This is the history I used for the community from May 1 to today.

A total of 68 people were paid 370SBD for the support of new authors and 50SBD of the prize money to “TR” community. 1100STEEM for Make 10,000 STEEM POWER project
For “KR”+”TR” Curators 2200STEEM
(2200STEEM to curators because of Thanks to their efforts.
Total 420SBD + 3766.939 STEEM
And now I have 6484STEEM (3300steem is my own invested steem)
Without invested STEEM 3184STEEM is for the community I never use this STEEM for my profit
3184STEEM is near 2200SBD.

In conclusion, I didn’t pursue any profits

And you can see that I spent more money for the community than the 50% I promised.

In fact, I used more than 50% of the money for the community.

03. some users have a bad comment.

I am a person who thinks in the community that individual freedom must be guaranteed
The community should not put pressure on people.
(“Kr” community pressed people to make comment, and they muted those who did not.)

There are some people who have bad comments.
They are people who have had a fight with me because of comment problem or community problem.

Here is the example.
커뮤니티에 대해서…
@woo7739님의 글을 읽고 답변 드립니다.
스팀잇 큐레이터를 고려하고 있다면 한 번더 생각해 보시길 바랍니다
As I said earlier, I’m asserting that freedom in the community and individuality must be guaranteed.
It is a consistent claim from the past.
Still this opinion does not change.

04. Finishing the article.

If you hate me and hate my writing. You can mute it.
If I had done this only for my personal profit, I would have waited for a high reward time without writing anything.
My actions have been consistent from the beginning to the present, and I think there is a misunderstanding, but I did not do anything problematic.
I think I’ve done something that helps the communities.
Unfortunately, no one is presenting the perfect solution to the current STEEMIT.
So, there are various problems in all the communities, and the Korea community seems to have this problem.

STEEMIT It is a space that can be used by anyone and at least does not have any problems.
I hope that everyone will be able to use STEEMIT freely and I will be active for this purpose.

I would like to remind you that there is no profit for myself, and I will make my curating activities harder than it is now.

Thank you all those who believe and support me.

New author support list.

This is a new project that new authors supporting.
I was going to go quietly, but I will be able to support more authors in the future.



Incredible transparency, thank you for sharing your knowledge and helping us all grow. I am following you now @yoonjang0707 and look forward to learning more about being a curator and steem life!

Thank you for your comment @jordanlindsey

thanks for sharing

Thank you for the information and knowledge, success is always for you.

thanks for sharing information @yoonjang0707 i always follow ur post ^_^

Thank you for this article.
It's a shame some people are still trying to get an unfair in a place like this where the fair rewards, are already very high.

Very informative... If people dont appriciate your content, they should just stop commenting

please support me i follow you and upvote - i am new and need some friends

Thanks for sharing like your attitude towards work you had done.

@yoonjang0707 thank you for coming forth to share this and offer the #kr community some transparency and more.
I'm on my 10th day with steemit and must say many dynamic events are happening.

As my momma used to say:

"Everything always finds a way to work itself out."

Onwards and upwards my friend :)


The steemchain speaks volumes. I think your efforts are commendable! Keep at it, truth will out!

youre like the nicest blogger lol.

WOW, just registered this month. I didnt know about curators 'till i read this post. I'm working on STP since last week, that i set to my post for powering up.