SteemAce Weekly Report (best gaming posts & authors)

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1. Best Gaming Posts (non video)

Here is our list of the best gaming posts on Steemace of the week. The list excludes videos (which are further down in this post). It's personal opinion of course and there is always the possibility that we missed a great post (sorry of that happens, we try our best).

Will Diablo IV Be Good Enough? @enjar
😈After Further Review (Gods Unchained ~vs~ Splinterlands)🎮 @enginewitty
[Retrospective Review] Digimon World @ahmadmanga
My Concerns About Pokemon Sword & Shield @ahmadmanga
Lets Take a Look at - My First Victorious 'Slay the Spire' Run! @lrevolution85
These are the five different titles of PS Now that I propose this month @thranax
Obsidian Entertainment live legend @voxmortis
Lets Take a Look at - An Underrated Game? 'Thief' @lrevolution85
Shadows: Heretic Kingdoms is good to play with a demon sometimes. @voxmortis
Build contest result to the topic "Jump and Run" | Bauevent Ergebnis zum Thema "Jump and Run" @immanuel94
The Super Nintendo Entertainment System @darth-azrael
the biggest video game crossover in history @thranax
Diablo IV has been announced, these are my thoughts... @livingamestudios
Diablo 4 brings it's dark tone back - except not really @felipejoys
Kynseed... Stardew Valley x 1000? 😮 @kaelci
How to know if your Gods Unchained cards are activated @culgin
How to build a badass gaming PC for around $250! @fearlessgu
Star Wars KOTOR #6 The Search for the McGuffin. @guubadoop
A Bit Delayed, My Review of Daemon X Machina (Nintendo Switch) @dlstudios
MTG: Arena - White/Angel deck of death @thegoliath
Gameplays: How has this idea changed the way people consume video games? @wiseagent
(GERMAN content) PokemonGO Blog - 196 - Team Go Rocket Bosse | Wocheninventur @dotwin1981
(GERMAN content) Übersicht Rollenspiel-Conventions - im Blickpunkt: DreRoCo, Dresden @muscara

2. Featured video gaming content

This is our list with good video gaming content of this week. Many authors create videos daily so we only have one post per author in this list. It should be easier for potential followers to find video creators they like.

3. SBI (Steem Basic Income) giveaway

We are giving away 50 SBI every week. Every staked GG counts as won ticket for the raffle.

Here are the winners of this week's giveaway:

@gamer00, @we-are-palcoin, @crimsonclad, @sugandhaseth, @followbtcnews, @danielsaori, @balte, @dotwin1981, @mattclarke, @eirik, @balte, @radaquest, @vip, @dotwin1981, @eturnerx, @fullcoverbetting, @brianoflondon, @fantasycrypto, @whatageek, @thedailysneak, @phoenixwren, @intrepidphotos, @delegate4gg, @xawi, @gillianpearce, @eirik, @dandays, @kaylinart, @vip, @japanguide, @radaquest, @moon32walker, @stranger27, @palasatenea, @radaquest, @eirik, @dotwin1981, @fantasycrypto, @steemaction, @lintang, @hstafford, @thranax, @dotwin1981, @mmmmkkkk311, @abh12345, @eirik, @bji1203, @elektropunkz, @nerdtopiade, @radaquest

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Heute keine Zeit, daher nur fix !BEER und !trdo da lass.

Wow, two of my posts are on the list (and one of them I spent a huge effort writing.) Feels like I'm doing something right. Thanks!

Hey @steem-ace, here is a little bit of BEER from @dotwin1981 for you. Enjoy it!

Is there some thing i need to do for the sbi tokens or do i just need to be patience?

Good to everyone, I wanted to comment that the price of gg has dropped more than expected at least for me and I think something would have to be done, this is what I think since it is a great project and I would not like it to go away, Greetings

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