hey @davedickeyyall, this are just the rules for our spanish speaking community. The game itself is still Round 17 and you find it here:
But since you have upvoted here already it‘s ok - I take your guess and vote into account for Round 17. You don‘t need to do anything. Best regards.

Si pero yo hablo espanol.. y tengo un gato en pantalones..

ah, bien... 😅
Pero solo un juego para todos 😉 Haz caso de que se cuenta finalmente los pagos del post Ronda 17 sin tu voto aquí para este post.

Ah @davedickeyyall, and you may (should) adopt your guess here within the next 12 hours to the expected payout of the Upvote Game Round 17. You do not need to unvote and upvote again.

Actualmente el valor del post de Ronda 17 es 4.85
Quizás quieres adaptar tu tanteo.