Steem Basic Income Contest - Find the Word

This is just a quick contest to help promote


  • To find the word and thus win a SBI (Steem Basic Income) share you have to navigate around the site and collect letters.

  • The letters are ALWAYS under the answer button and for this contest located on the 'Home Page', under 'Find the Phrase' and under 'Riddles'.

  • There are 5 letters for this game, once you collect them all you have to spell a word with them.

  • You get one guess, and no changing you answer!

  • First correct answer in the comments section wins 1 SBI share

I might have some more website based competitions for random prizes in the future so stay tuned!


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Thanks for playing! 1 share sent from @pandasquad to @steembasicincome

Thank you so much :)

Upvote you in kryptonia@CEARrtou66
The correct name is lesser panda or red panda.
Because she is cute reddish brown.

Great creative approach to promote the website.
kryptonia id: dhanu4u

It’s already solved but I checked the website, it is cute - @starjewel via Kryptonia

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panda and whats is SBI?

It supports you by upvoting all of your posts for life, giving you a small basic level of income, has more details

Well, the word seems to be Panda. Good luck with your contest efforts.

upvoted Kryptonia @deathly_horror

A watched pot never boils​