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Greetings to you all, using this medium to welcome you all to my blog today titled DEALING WITH DOMESTIC VIOLENCE IN CHRISTIAN HOMES...
This issues is now RAMPANT in christian homes today, which is not suppose to be, its the work of the devil to demonish marriage... And we christians, we should find ways to deal with it.... May you be blessed as you read...


. .God designed and establised marriage as a loving amd joyful relatinship to be enjoyed, not to be endured by husband and wife. The first family that God establised on earth was set on the foundation of companionship, intimacy and love. Thus, when Adam first set his eyes on Eve, he knew without being told that the woman was the bone of his bones, and the flesh of his flesh. Also, in several places in the bible, husbands are enjoined to love their wives and rejoice with them; cherish them and relate with them with compassion and tender care...

However, many of the couples we meet in church and other christian gatherings today smiling and acting like newly-weds are actually having it really rough in there homes. The home of many church officers today are like theatres of war where verbal missiles and physical blows are employed regularly by husband and wives to wound one another emotionally and physical.
. Spousal abuse and domestic violence were never part of Gods desire, design and plan for us in marriage. They are part of social disease that the virus of sin injected into the blood stream of human relationship when When satan interfered with the first marriage in the Garden of Eden. Adam and Eve, the first couple on earth, also have the first record of domestic violence in human history, when their first son killed his brother, Abel. Some generations down the road, violence and wickedness had reached an all-time high among the inhabitants of the earth.


The small stream of domestic violence that began in the home of Adam and Eve eventually developed into a might flood that destroyed the entire human race ana all animals, except Noah, his family and the animal that were with them in the ark. Today, spousal abuse, domestic violence and other human vices are rapidly pushing yhe human race towards another global disaster. What should we do as a christian couples to reduce the storm of spousal abuse and domestic violence in our homes, churches and the community as a whole?

  1. Educate and inform others about spousal abuse and domestic violence

  2. We must wage corporate war against these twin-evils {SPOUSAL ABUSE AND DOMESTIC VIOLENCE}


    CAUSES OF SPOUSAL ABUSE AND DOMESTIC VIOLENCE IN CHRISTIAN HOMES                                                             


  1. Satan's interference in family relationship
  2. Spiritual barrenness and ignorance
  3. Listen to God alone, dont listen to wrong voices


  1. Make jesus christ the foundation and Head of your Home
  2. Improve your relationship and communication skills
  3. Build your family altar strong...

Special thanks to @sirmiraculous for his support... Stay blessed as you read


As Christians, we should be role models for others and our homes should be examples for others to emulate. Say no to domestic violence

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