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For a While now i have been so thirsty of being a member of this long rich community. I have been feeling like am not part of the world seeing my friends making their cool cash on this glorious site, and now that am here am happy that am at the start of my life carrier. I really thank the founding fathers if this site for giving poeple like me to have the privileged to become a blogger.
I Olubayode Bayonle Ebenezer was born to a middle class family in Ondo town over twenty years ag, we are not rich or poor, I occupy the position of the first child and I have been opportuned to be educated a little bit be the grace of God and with the help of my pretty mum but ever since I have finished from my NCE program life has brought me so many experience though my preschool, post graduate and after graduating as a NCE holder. There have been so much challenges facing life and making it some how difficult this difficulty start from been a play boy willing to choose your carrier yourself but Our African Parents will never allow you to have the freedome to choose what pleases you but you need to dance to their tune and this experience has also made me see things happening through the three categories of families in Nigeria. As a middle class born child, I have been through alot but I will be talking about that in the other post.
And just here to appreciate the founders of this great community for giving poeple like me the chance to lend my voice to thw world and have the chance to share my experience as a blogger. Shout out to @sirmiraculous and @dwaine for putting me through about how to become a member of this community. Here I will be talking about love poems, our present world gospel church, social live, celebrity life, sexual abuse and lots more. To everyone reading this, don't stop trying, never give up, nothing good comes so easy, keep on hustling life is all about giving your best, keep steeming guys
As God liveth so shall we all prosper and make money together here


Welcome to Steemit and welcome to Steemchurch @iniphygold2
Steemchurch Nigeria welcomes you, we are glad to have you here.
Do well to follow Steemchurch, sc-n, sc-g, sc-v and our esteemed Steemchurch Leader, Sirknight.
Enjoy your stay

Welcome to the great community, here you will learn a lot and make many friends. @Oxygen02 cares

Welcome to the wonderful world of steemit @iniphygold . May your time spent here on the platform be productive. This can be a wonderful outlet when properly used. The key is to network with others and make new friends.
If you have any question or just need help getting started, please feel free to join this discord chat group:


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