The early churches in Nigeria

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In the early ages before civilization came to and before the movement of any missionary to Nigeria, we all have divers culture and tribes. We all have pur means of communicating to God, even though our means of communication wasn't right, but to humanity, we need a means to call on God especially in times of troubles, every tribe as its own Chanel of communicating to God. But the most similar thing of all I that our ancestors where human too, they happens to be a member of the tribe wr belong to, but when they were alive, they've forght greatly for us in one way or the other. So when they are dead people will start worshiping them believing that they have become another god.
In the Yoruba land we have a general god called oduduwa, who Gabe birth to seven sons, his sons also started spreading and formed the seven most important land in the Yoruba kingdom, and there descendants also spread out to form all the Yoruba land we have today. All the defendant of oduduwa are still been worshiped by the Yorubas up till date

In the Hausa land we have also formed their states based on the descendant of the land, they also habe their god which they us as means of communicating to God
The Igbo people also have there means on communicating to god and their most powerful god is amdioha, god od thunder
But suddenly the white men came in to preach there gospel to us and they need to let us understand when they've brought to us by giving us some education in order for us to be able to read and understand what God really want from us and what He as in plan for us if we can come closer to Him. They gave us western education for us to see what God really nees from us as human
But suddenly after they've colonized us as a result of what they saw in our land which was our good land which was suitable for Agriculture. Our mentality of serving God was now changed, then because of the hardship we brought to ourselves because of our low understating we started running to God because of what we need from Him and not because we want to serve Him for our eternity.
Then we changed the mentality given to us by the missionaries and we put in our African mentality and our poverty mentality took over us and since then we've been serving ourselves and not God anymore. In other to make things different, we started having different denominations and every denomination as its own doctrines and rules building the members to make them different from others, we left our mission of bringing poeple to God for his kingdome and started shaping life's to make different from others, we started putting culture in place of God's own discipline. We become less thirsty for God the way he want us to be but we become so thirsty for Him because of what we want from Him in return.
And from that, Christianity in Nigeria started crashing, we atom into religion and left our duty to God. We have churches all around corners of the country, we keep in planting churches fe wealth instead of bringing poeple to God for his kingdome. We collect money from the poor and use it to esterblish for our own profits and the poor's won't be able to gain from what we establish from their money, new investors wil now be introduce to the church and be put closer to thw alter of God while the poors will be left out perishing and dying of hunger but the poor in the church will be depressed and start thinking about how to make it in life, the more we have more churches the more corrupt we become in the society.
Because of our stupidity in the church we've lost many people of God who should have been in the kingdom of God for the devil. The church of God start building warriors and war lords instead of the salvation of men, we fish forpoeple to fight the war we can never end and we lost for the devil
Instead of coming to God and give our lives to him, we just go to church to fashion and suppression. Until church regains its reality and its real reason and the purpose of God in human. We can never meet up to God's standard.
Its time for the church to come back to life and wake from our sleep. Let's bring souls and not men. Not warriors but poeple who can serve God with his whole heart.
Christianity isn't about fighting wars but its about bringing souls to God. Church let's wakeup and rescue the lost and perishing souls this is our primary assignment and our first order from God. Church wake from your deep sleep, its time to fish souls and not men


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