Clue 16 Has Arrived!

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Clue #16 Has Arrived!


And this time, it involves a payout! If you help us solve the riddle, you will be entitled to some of the loot. So hop on board, we'd love to have you! Take a look below at the newest riddle. It is simply an image. You will notice several different clues found within the image. We have to figure out what they mean. We have NO other information but this image. But the clue is titled "The Zero Knowledge Key: Don't Be So Snarky."

Clue 16 - The Zero Knowledge Key: Don't Be So Snarky

riddle 16.jpg

Wanna Help Solve Riddles?

If you would like to join the team, you must meet the following criteria:

  • Reputation

    You must have a rep of 45 or more on Steem
  • Verifiable account

    as in, you're an actual person we can verify with credible, positive interaction on the platform
  • An eager desire to see Steem succeed

    The money we earn from this endeavor will largely be invested into this very platform
  • Positive team contribution

    we need positive, healthy interaction and supportive teamwork

"Positive Team Contribution"

What we really mean is your interactions must be supportive and helpful, and they can vary from riddle to riddle. You don't have to help with every riddle. You can come and go as you please. But when you are around, you will find there are plenty of things to do. Let us give you some examples of contributions you could add:

  • Brainstorming

    keeping energy high when everyone has run out of ideas (these clues are difficult and often take days (and even weeks) to solve, even with the brightest minds on the job. They require a great deal of thought, energy, time, and dedication to solve, and can always use a fresh set of eyes as things plateau)
  • Clue Finding

    Finding hidden, random clues in images and riddles we are given and making sense out of them
  • Coding (and decoding)

    being able to run script and decypher technical pieces of information
  • Organizing/Summarizing the chats

    sometimes we get off track, and we need to keep track of what we've figured out so we remember the discussions we have had
  • Assembling spreadsheets

    each clue brings to keep track of the information we have accumulated thus far
  • Modding the channel

    as usual, we may need help from time to time with reminding people to play nice
  • Writing/Promoting

    while solving the riddles is fun and exciting, we always need help with the promotional and summary posts (like the one you're reading right now)
  • Summarizing the UNSOLVED riddles

    this is one of those jobs that helps newcomers jump into the unsolved channels and pick up where everyone else left off. We need help summarizing what has already been found so newcomers can jump in and dissect them more quickly, otherwise they are stuck reading through hours of chat and spreadsheets and left to decypher what they mean. This reduces interest, and we need those solved!

Can I Earn Money Helping?

Why yes. Yes you can. If you play a role in helping to solve a riddle, your contributions will be noted, and you will be rewarded in Satoshi Treasure Token (SST), which is redeemable for actual BTC when we win the grand prize. If you actually SOLVE the riddle, you will earn more. But it is a very friendly competition, and we all support each other because our ultimate goal is to win the grand prize: $1 million in Bitcoin.

The Grand Prize: $1 million in Bitcoin

Satoshi Yakomoto has promised a $1 million dollar payout to the first team that solves 400 riddles. We are currently in contention for first place, which is why we need your help! If we win that prize, it not only earns us significant coin to distribute to steemians and invest into this platform, but it puts us on the map for worldwide crypto-fame! And we like publicity. More people need to know about this awesome place.


I have been in the Discord waiting room for days...

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Hey, can you say hello0 in the waiting room, it'll be easier for someone to verify you :)

Sorry @tggr! Did you get squared away!

It's been a crazy couple of days with three riddles that came down and not enough people to solve them! Have you been able to get set up and helping on the riddles yet?

Hey there, not really in the position to solve anything at the moment. I'm seconds away from breaking into a song in the Discord waiting room...

I'm Mr. Lonely
I have nobody
For my owwnnn

I'm so lonely
I'm Mr. Lonely
I have nobody
For my owwnnn
I'm so lonely


Great post ! Love the update.

Thank you for update

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