Is Steemcleaners corrupt?

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Spam is evidently in the eye of the beholder:
(Reposted with permission for visibility)

@spaminator // @steemcleaners also stepped in within days to kill the @proboards accounts, and now in just 1 day have killed off @exterminator and @animalcontrol. They are very efficient and can find spam in the blink of an eye!

For 2 months straight this @berniesanders account, which spams NSFW, feces...almost 20,000 posts now, is still alive and well.

Notice how it has bid bot abuse on its posts as well. I bet you can guess what bid bot was used on both posts ;) One is a photo with no source. One is a link. But that's okay too, cause it's just ol' Bernie right? Abusing the #Steem blockchain is wrong, unless it's @berniesanders. Any other Steemian would have @steemflagrewards on their ass, @steemcleners, and @spaminator as well. You all know this yet you accept it as normal.

This now very well known account @lyndsayblowes, has been reported multiple times (go figure people don't want to have their children and work exposed to unmarked NSFW), and you know what happens?

@berniesanders hangs out in @steemcleaners' discord channel and threatens people who report his spam. This is allowed. He also hangs out in the @freezepeach server doing the same thing to anyone who goes in there to report his harassment.

Ok, Well That's Just One Account Though Lynds...

No actually, not by far.
All of these spam and harassment accounts are all alive and well too folks. Can you honestly tell me that the 2 biggest spam fighting units on the Steem blockchain somehow missed all of this spam and abuse over the last few months too?

Go look through those accounts, and then tell me with a straight face why nothing was ever done.

It's pretty clear to me, by their inaction, that @spaminator and @steemcleaners protect @berniesanders, and condone his actions on the blockchain.

@ned does this behaviour concern you also?pBMyo3B2Sao2EbuHAFTX1CNWMbam25xJGPs4sKmLS6XL7ii7sHrrSsvME8KG284mP25YzXPSR9eNxnPbxfuh1mmTJ6g1dav6GBFUpe6zbXqZqi2TmQyZAAR3YQkN5PTjUUUacGCh4PousTGNfvcxDZHNWb72NnCpoh4bzhun4tXcQGC6.png


Is Steemcleaners corrupt?

100% YES!

@dramatoken one for you.


You shall receive a drama token! As this battle, I'm fresh from being spammed to death, larger accounts are going to have to handle it. It has gone past funny.

WhoEver Knows ;)


Even though it probably wont change anything.

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Hi @dlive24hour

Would you mind sharing with us why @proboards? Just curious (I tried to figure out what this account did wrong but I guess I still dont know).

I rather not comment about Bernie account as I don't want to get in trouble :) But generally your concerns and questions are very valid.

what a long list of spammy account. I even had to check if I'm not on that list (accidently).

What can we possibly do with content like this porn video on Steemit?


Not anymore these days are over, just beanies

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