Slowdown on SteemConnect 2 API

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We are facing some performance issue in the past few hours with SteemConnect 2 API. This slowdown may affect some Steem third parties application that uses SteemConnect 2 Posting API, such as, d.Tube, dMania, etc.

The hot signing module is not affected by this issue (

The team is still investigating and troubleshooting the problem. We apologize for the inconvenience and thank you for your patience.

Busy Team

Edit: We made a couple of changes that resolved the performance issue on SteemConnect 2 Posting API. It's now back working fast, it should be faster than ever. If you still experience some slowdown again, please join our Discord to inform us:


I noticed it and wanted to celebrate! Service degradation is a really great sign that we're growing fast.

Only if it was caused by "natural" ddos :D

No. It's a sign that we're becoming a corporation.

I dont have my steemconnect password. I moved too fast and forgot to write down the password. is there anyway i can recover it anyone?

No. There isn't, the 1st and 2nd rules of steemit are "Don't lose your password"

Is there a way for me to get the money back that it cost me to create the account? i lost money twice already.

Depends on how long your passcode is (you can brute-force short ones but anything long is hard), but if it's too long (try to see how long it would take) you're locked out. Money transferred on the blockchain can't be refunded easily.

Hi, I just have a question about profile Ranking on

Under the profile picture, I saw the rank which is Plankton, Minnow, ...etc

Where can I find rankings list? and what are the requirements for each rank to pass it into the next Rank

Thanks for your great work, and waiting for your reply :)

I guess your are being busy ;P Keep up the good work!

I am not getting vote instead of posting from

Thank you for the hard work ..
Now the server is so awesome.
Recently I made a post through the speed is very amazing.
In contrast to a few days ago.
Once again thank you

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Sangat setuju bang... Semoga abg betah di busy

Thanks budy... Saya akan betah disini karena sangat menghargai postingan kita. Mari bersama saya dalam busy beta

Semoga malam ini datang karena sudah dari td siang jam.15.00 saya menunggunya

l like your post you

Can you partner with DeepL to translate pages in different languages?

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How are you?
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at last update fell off photohosting

can someone help me with upvote problem ? i used the tag correctly but no upvote???

a good dispute can also help me

thank you busy has given me vote for more blessing and long life ..amin

i want to give you witness vote, please tell me how i can do

thanks a lot @busy teams members/owners to this your reward service and today before 2 hours getting first vote by busy. soooo much thanks again.

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Why do I not Get any upvotes from you when I use the tag busy on my posting from busy?

oh thanks. i Understood the

Thank you for your work guys.

Untuk saat ini tampaknya sudah kembali normal, dan terima kasih atas usaha untuk memperbaikinya, semoga keberuntungan selalu bersama anda.

great news for all of us...

thanks for all the information.

I pray it bounce back soon.

Kami mengerti semoga kedepan, a menjadi lebih baik lagi

hopefully every problem that is attacking some of the best platforms in steemit is soon solved, thanks for your hard work for steemit progress in all parts of the world ..

Hope be better like always

Thanks for the information...

Nice post,
Thank for sharing

I hope the issue is quickly resolved

i hope you good luck

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Understand what the topick was. Thank you

Thank you for the information

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thanks for explanation

keep up the good work

Hi ... how long does Steem Connect have this kind of problem ,, do I have to wait until tomorrow ...?

thanks for the information, I also use and encountered some problems with the application. but that's not a big issue because I still use and still can use it, and always use for every post. thank you hopefully the future will be more stable. 👍👍👍

Hi, @busy,, my pasword steemit has lost,, if on busy saved, please send to me..I not know again to back it. I am sure my pasword on busy is saving.
Please help me.

👍👍👍 good

I like your post...

Thank you so much

Well, maybe that's why DTube wasn't having my upload on that day! I guess overloading the system is par for the course with a platform that's added 50k users in one day, growing pains. Good luck with the fixes. @makrmorrisjr

Thanks for the information. Godspeed :)

Can you post a brief about what the issue was and how you solved it? Would love to know some details of how you addressed this.

Thanks for the information @busyorg
We are eagerly awaiting the teap. We pray for hope this problem was quickly completed.

Hay kawan steem
Bantu upvote aku ya

I am very grateful to you @busy who has given me a gift @adikuala
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Hello! I have some problems with upvote. And I haven't got it for two days, although I write a tag #busy and it's already passed 12 hours between posts. What's the matter of this problem?

Hello! I have some problems with upvote. And I haven't got it for two days, although I write a tag #busy and it's already passed 12 hours between posts. What's the matter of this problem?

Hi @lucisia, did the problem solved already? If it does, can you tell me how? I have the same problem too for the past two days. I wonder if there are any new requirements for the vote, but I checked the the bot still upvoted the other person's post with the equal or even less followers mvest than me. I wonder what happen?

Such a problem still happens for sometimes. You should know, that this bot doesn't usually votes every 12 hours, more often it works every 24 hours. But, unfortunately, still could vote on few posts and then miss some of them, and then start voting again. Maybe it happens because of not enough "gas". You can try to update the post, pressing the bottom "edit", till votes on it.

Thank you for your response and the explanation. Maybe you're right, there are too many posts on busy now and the bot VP also have gone so much below the 50%. So it probably gonna miss some.

You can try to update the post, pressing the bottom "edit", till votes on it.

I'll try this. Hope that gonna work. Thank you so much!

Good luck ☺️🌟

Hello! I have some problems with upvote. And I haven't got it for two days, although I write a tag #busy and it's already passed 12 hours between posts. What's the matter of this problem?

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When I try to connect my posting role through with steemconnect it tells me I need to use my active or master password which I'm unwilling to do. Can you tell me how I can only use my posting password and make it work?

This slowdown may affect some SteemConnect 2 Post API, such as, d.Tube, dMania, etc. thank you the information with this is now not slow anymore

I had this problem in the past days but didn't know what the reason could be. Thanks for making me understand now! :)

Postingan saya enggak ada yang upvote .
Kenapa yaa ?
Aku harus berpihak kemana ?

Beri aku penjelasan kawan kawan .

Client records can upvote posts and remarks, and the creators who get upvoted can get a money related reward in a cryptographic money token named STEEM and US dollar-pegged tokens called Steem Dollars. Individuals are additionally remunerated for curating finding well known substance. Curating includes voting remarks and post entries. Vote quality and curation rewards are impacted by the measure of STEEM Power held by the voter. una pregunta, he usado en mis post tu etiqueta y no he recibido tu apoyo. que estoy haciendo mal? Gracias de antemanos ;)

a very good post I need support from you.

I'm having a hard time to comment and update posts I made from DSound on busy today. I really love you guys

Thank yuo

thank you continued success

thanks for, this service is really a great sign that we are growing fast.

but yet not give me this service

hopefully stemeet can face the problem and the greater in the world economy ...thanks for stemeet

thank you for the information, hopefully healthy always

Thanks for the information!

Thanks for your information.

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Earlier today I tried to make a new account through steemconnect. I tripled checked the account name and put the amounts in, hit send and it went through and then showed up with a name different than the one I typed in! It was missing the last two letters.
I was quite confused as I triple checked it. I got into that account just fine, but it is a name that won’t work for my purposes.
So I went back to make another one, filled it all in, triple checked, etc and hit send. It said it wouldn’t go through- that there was an error and I should check the console. @timcliff thought if I contacted you soon enough that perhaps you could fix it?

I tripled checked both times and the second time I am sure it would not go through on the name I wanted. My theory is it cut the last two letters off again and of course the messed up name was taken which accounts for the error. I’d be pleased if I could get the name I was hoping for. Please let me know how we can move forward! Thank you. Hoping for your reply, @mountainjewel

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