SteemConnect: Deprecation notice for the "metadata" feature

in #steemconnect5 years ago


Just a quick message to inform you that we are going to deprecate the feature called “SteemConnect metadata” on 1 July, this feature is used to store data by apps for their users on SteemConnect database, it never got that much adoption and been mostly used by and forks. Make sure you switch to another solution to store this data like localStorage before it get deprecated.

Here is the list of apps that ever used this feature, if your app is not on this list you don’t need to update your code.,,,,, @utopian.signin, @smoke-busy, @steemstem-app, @bsteem,, @hede, @pl-network,,,, @ezira-app, @memestagram-app,,, @duozhuan, @flowblog,,,, @weyoume, @merasteem-login,, @ulogs-testing,, @liketuapp, @steemactivities1, @steemknows, @ftinetwork,, @evildidoapp1,,, @mydarkflame, @anarcist-dev,, @steem-italia,, @power.nepal,, @partiko-steemcon,,