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Here is a quick note to inform you that we moved the SteemConnect interface into the subdomain “app” ( We made this change to separate the interface from the posting API, this is a necessary step for the incoming release of SteemConnect version 3. If you been unlogged on the interface you can log your accounts back on using your posting key.

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Hi @fabien,

I have created @sgtest via SteemConnect

But now, I can't edit Redirect URI(s)
from localhost to other one

Could you tell me, how can I edit?

The less code you use, the less there is to break

I like the way you think.

Any improvement in the security side?

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Thanks for the update. Wanted to ask if there are any news on Steemconnect v3?

It's coming soon.

Sounds good to me.

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i have 200 followers, 65 posts, 62 following and joined steem in June 2017, first time i want to delegate my steem and also login in steemconnect, but when i tried to delegate my steem to smartsteem bot through steembottracker and redirect to app.steemconnect , i can't login with my master password, then i tried my posting / owner and memo keys and also with private key, but all failed , its says "Password or key is not valid", i raise ticket and twitt steem, but no answer and solution, what to do now, its 10 days now for suffering, please guide me to what to do? please help