Steem Proposals. Minor updates

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Hey guys, was quite busy lately so not much has changed with Steem Proposals yet but there's a new wave of features coming soon.

Here's a few updates I want to share today:

Watch proxied votes

Added an ability to see who proxied their votes. This one is really important because if you proxy your vote, its value becomes 0 and only the vote of the proxy will matter. This is just how Steem witness, as well as Steem proposals voting work.

Multi language support

Restructured my code for adding multiple languages. My first target is Korean and Spanish communities. I'm already working with @donekim on Korean translation and I see quite a big of demand and interest from this region. If there's anybody from Spanish community who would like to jump on board and help me out, let me know. The only challenge that I see is that this has to be maintained by other people as well, meaning the more features I add, the more text it will have over time. In other words, this is a long-term deal for your community but it can be pay out really good over time.

To simplify all of this I'm using a Google Sheet to keep in sync all of the translation. I was trying to find a better tool that is free but they all cost quite a lot if you're using they long enough.

As you know, Steem Proposals is an open-sourced project, which means you can contribute to the project as well. If you do this however, make sure to add translation to the en.json file only with the following format:
"translationLineName": "Translation phrase or sentence." (e.g. "loadingVotes": "Loading votes. Be patient!").

Notice, the phrases are divided into json objects that represent certain pages(about, features, vote, proposals) or in some cases blocks of data (common, keychain) so make sure to add it to the right page or create a new json object.

Btw, thanks @jga for making a first pull request.

Removing my proposal

So as you noticed, I removed my original proposal because I see the system is not mature yet. There are lots of challenges to overcome that will take a ton of time unfortunately:

  • The budget is growing but it is still small which prevents people from voting for proposals.
  • The returning proposal became quite big in terms of its votes' value, which creates a huge threshold to pass by. I still have no idea why people continue to push this one and don't vote for other quality proposals.
  • People simply don't vote. I mean they do but there are too many people who hold enough Steem Power and ignore SPS and witness voting completely. Hopefully, I see a lot of guys are coming back now and that's a good sign but we definitely need to see more people engaging in the overall process.
  • The total inactive votes are calculated incorrectly. If your proposal is still inactive, people won't be able to see your votes' value which is VERY BIG DEAL. People can still vote for you but that won't make a difference until the proposal goes live, and then it's too late to get enough votes. As far as I understood, this is not a major priority for Steemit devs which makes the whole system left with a big flaw. I've no idea how to solve this yet but I'll try to figure something out.


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Appreciate your opinion and a witness vote.
Although HF21-22 was quite rough, you shouldn't go too harsh on witnesses. They weren't sleeping the whole night, myself included. Actually it is good that the chain stopped, otherwise somebody could have almost a billion Steem Power which can be a problem. It was basically an overflow problem that Steemit devs didn't catch because it is was tricky and never happened before. Btw witnesses don't create the code for Steem blockchain but they contribute a lot in the times like this, so I totally respect the work of both witnesses and Steemit Inc devs, despite of the challenges we encounter.