- A resource for Developers and Companies interested in building their application on the Steem Blockchain

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I made which is a simple resource for developers and companies interested in building on the Steem blockchain or launching a Smart Media Token.

The idea is to highlight all of the current high quality apps already built ( and a few coming soon ) on Steem to give them a sense of what is possible with our platform.

It also highlights important libraries for interacting with the blockchain and the developer docs.

A second phase would be to add descriptions and analysis of each apps goals and tech stack to increase the value of this resource.

I need to clean up a few things so it displays perfectly on mobile as well as update the stats section of the website.

If you have any suggestions for additions or improvements please let me know and,



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Edit: Shared a couple of places :)

Edit2: Hope to be able to add a logo of our own there sometime before summer!

Definitely before summer ! :D

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You could add steemsnippets to the dev Resources, I believe it's a great way to get started because the documentation is almost nonexistant.

Awesome site. You should add PassageX (@passagex), please. We built an event-ticketing network on top of Steem.

Cool! Really interesting project, I will add it soon.

Cool, thanks!

btw, @adept, I did a video on your site: Thanks again for making it.

surprised to see eSteem is missing from the list of apps, anyway great work!

Ah I knew I was missing that! Will be added soon @good-karma

I like the look and feel of the website, especially the links at the bottom give all the right pointers for developers looking to start working on the Steem blockchain.

Slick site! Well done, @adept, hope this post gets bumped up to a level that Steemit Inc takes notice, I think it aligns nicely with their core message.

Wow. This is a great resource. Thanks for putting this together and sharing.

theres still so much for me to learn :(

This is pretty amazing. @cabernet and I will have to check this out later!

Good deal. One minor thing, I noticed that when you click on a link in the top right menu, it goes to the intended section but highlights the previous menu item. So for example, if you click on "Resources", the "Stats" menu item will be highlighted(or in this case blackened).

I think blockchain one of the great exchange app,thanks bro
For sharing.

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It is good knowing some are ceaselessly working hard to improve this great platform. Though i came in not quite long but i'm hoping to contribute one way or the other to the efficacy and efficiency of this platform. Thanks for building the "" i'm looking forward to using it.

This is a cool site what a good idea!! You did a great job!

Very quite sure. It shows how strong blockchain is developing this time

Nicely done! Resteemed to help get the word out

I have been looking for this site for so long, thank you for making this post. I had seen the SMT Whitepaper and wanted to get back into it again, but I lost track of THANK YOU. I am definitely following you and I ReSteemed.

I am going to share this with some people, I can't say how much I appreciate this post.

Resteemed to spread the word @adept! Great job. I can see a lot more companies taking advantage of SMTS in the next few months. Really clean looking site!

this is awesome so many new ideas of content will come up shortly on that :D

Beautiful Work!

Great website this is developers will find it easy to make something cool out of the box

thanks for sharing that pic i was not aware about that steemit has so much other platform along with it and a nice website for developers my friend will love it

Developers its the time to make the most out of it thanks to @adept for sharing this

Thanks for sharing this! I really like this.

Thanks. I've been debating whether or not I should build on Steem. This is a fantastic resource.

Hi @adept , Happy Holidays! A bit late, but still on time. This is a great initiative for investors, new people learning on the blockchain, new steemit users, new visitors to know what is really going on with the steem blockchain! Great contribution!

I also wanted to give thanks for your support on the 11 chapter full steemit guide, on todays New Chapter 6, about the vision of its creator (with @teamsteem mention), and the power of the steem blockchain with its huge developments.
By the way very related to what you are doing here on this website.

Looking forward to continue hearing from you, and for ideas, suggestions on how to improve or add things to the guide.

Regards, @gold84

Looks great!!! You are awesome @adeptDQmdFrxBBT1R2CaAWR3AhX4mrv68Jdr6bUVCnMv9QPGr1tZ.gifDQmZB7zENGZGEUGErxoLmvC2eq5izqJcEc2fEtmwTfnc1pS.png

This is awesome!

Hi mate, nice selection here. We also have a working solution on Steem blockchain already. A photography marketplace BeScouted Please take a look if you have a minute and please let us know what does it take to get on your list alongside with the other amazing apps already developed.