Steemdrive: The last mile for 27K+ billboard campaign and vote of thanks!

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Dear Steemdrivers

More than 24 hours ago we launched the first successful crowdfunded billboard campaign on the disruptive social media platform, It was an amazing and exciting adventure, far beyond my expectations. In the first two hours not many votes were received which had me concerned, but then slowly support started to trickle in from the unlikeliest of sources.

We even had competition from @thedashguy who was working on a similar concept and launch a few hours after. I know him from the Steemit community and wish his campaign well also, the more exposure for Steemit the better.

I have had a little over 4 hours of sleep in the last 24 hours of this campaign, not only was I vigourously campaigning, but also dealing with severe floods in my region, a nearly flooded home and electricity blackout, the post went live in the dark, with just the Laptop screen light. The flooding in South Africa is all over the news and facebook.

Despite this I was resolved to post this campaign and for doing so was rewarded by unprecedented support from the wonderful Steemit community and are now standing at S 27 499 and growing slowly. Alas there is not much time left, I am not sure when the cut-off will be, my hopes were to have beaten the "Make-up Tutorial" record but that may not happen unless a calvalry of whales decend on this post, or unless a few downvotes are reversed.

We received about 5 downvotes, I'm not sure why...I did reach out to the voters and posted to them to let us know but so far no response. I can't fault our post an cause.

Once we draw to a close I will tally up the earnings and surprise the unawares billboard agency with the awarded contract based on the final amount achieved.

I will try obtain media support and support from the agency themselves for additional coverage in exchange for mention in our "proof of work" post, to follow after the billboard flighting.

Some of our operative liaisons have already joined me in the private Slack channel, our war room and the sites for New Zealand, Venezeula and Chicago are already being actively scouted. The liaison involved will be credited on each post that is submitted for voting by you kind Steemians and Steemdrivers.

In closing I wish to thank all of you for your support, banter and comradery during this campaign, I felt like a president running for office, and am humbled by this experience I have had in life as the one of the most memorable and uplifting, made possible by you all, the community of

Big upvotes to you all and keep Steemin' the future!


Ricardo Goncalves


@steemdrive, loved seeing your idea of creating a billboard campaign.
Seeing your post and other post I know that Steemit is bound to be Kickstarter 2.0, it's going to happen !

Appreciate it @ooak, I have personally tried to respond to each one of you, it has taken time but I believe it is something lacking, especially by the whales. We each are important and valuable and need to be acknowledged.

Learn the platform also, up-voting comments and so on is beneficial to you.

been doing so, have a look at the main post. I was too tired from the 24hour campaign to properly upvote all comments here.

Facebook shareholders won't be driving that road :)

Everybody on steemit will gain from this, we´ll go from 36k to 1 mil in notime!

For sure!!

success you in your business
you are good :)

Thank you!!!

Am with you all the way! Steem Billboard! Hope that the flood doesn't get worse. Take care!

Pinklee are you going to join us in Slack, pm me thecryptodrive so we can start working with you.

Ricardo, I need an invitation to join thecryptodrive. Just signed up for slack

hi Pinklee, join and pm me there

Hello, newbie here...
I have a quick question @steemdrive, I hope you don't mind that it's unrelated to your content.

How do I link to this article
without the whole url? Like the way you did with "first successful crowdfunded billboard campaign"?

Hi @beanz you do it like this [ URL NAME ] ( )
remove the space between the square bracket and the round bracket in the middle and it will work.

I just lost thousands in the DAO. They are not issuing us ETC and I bought into ETH at the wrong time, during the DAO crowdfund. I am an idiot, I can barely breath... I know, it is what it is and this too will pass but OMG its scary. I am poor and going out on a limb from the start! I'm screwed, lol... @steemdrive

@madhatting let's boost your campaign and get you back to the moon! Madhatting is doing Chicago and Detroit Michigan, will be awesome!

Wow, those are amazing visualizations, I thought they were real and been done already. Good work! We will make them a reality for you, can you pm me in Slack and send us the artwork? pm thecryptodrive

Very Cool! Good Ricardo!

May the weed be with you!


Lol, "may the weed be with you" classic!

Great job with this Ricardo!
It's amazing how these kinds of campaign can flourish on steemit. You taught the whole community something when you finished this campaign so strong.

If we work as a team, we can do anything!
To the moon!

Hey @oxid to the moon as a team!!! Go Steem!!!

Well done Ricardo. @steemdrive

Love the thumbsup Jasmine!!!

Love your creative thinking. Way to go!

Thank you, I try my best!

Can't wait to see some billboards!

me too! I have to write an official letter to the agency now with our demands, big win if I can get them to accept SBD direct! @steemedbroccoli, love the name :) :) also love @steemychicken

that's awesome, I would be really surprised if they accepted SBD but crazier things have happened!

Now the real mission has started. Lets get steemit flying around the world!

for sure, glad to have you onboard for NZ!

Awesome stuff! Well done!