A Tribe for Every Niche!

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Unless you've been living under a rock, you've probably noticed there are a lot of new Tribes popping up all over the chain. There's tribes for many communities and niches, but if you don't one that fits your needs, why not launch your own? The cost is fairly low considering everything that you get in return and token and miner sales help to cover the cost! Let's look at some of the new Tribes that are taking over the chain:

Creative Coin is a community built to support and reward the more artistic and creative niches on the blockchain. If you're a writer, musician, or do anything else creative then you can check them out here and start getting involved with the community today!

PALnet is one of the oldest communities to come out of the STEEM blockchain and one of the first Tribes that has been up and running for over two months now. They are open to all types of content and have several active curators that are looking for awesome posts in all of the popular niches daily. If you're looking for a 'steemit' experience that is more friendly to new users, this may be a great fit for you!

Intrepreneur is a new community that just opened up and is focused on growing the entrepreneurial community on the STEEM blockchain. The token is the only one to pop up so far with a fixed max supply that will be distributed over the next several decades, which makes it the only long term deflationary Tribe to have emerged so far!

Neoxian City is a new general topic tribe that is being built by @neoxian, a long time witness and community banker with quite the fan club. The community has a very active Discord group and is a great place to make new friends and expand your social network on the blockchain.

Marlians is a new community from @surpassinggoogle that just started to support the Ulog community. If you're interested in vlogging and meeting other like-minded users, it's a great place to get involved and the community is expanding outwards from there!


I am excited to see new tribes poping up

I am excited to see new tribes poping up

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When you guys first came out I thought it was some club for learning English (steem-eng =Steem English) boy was I wrong

Mady my Day. :-)

haha, I already wrote about that. I also noticed that ENG looks like English. Because I'm not a native speaker and when I see ENG written somewhere, I always think that's something related to English. lol ☺

I'm excited about https://www.intreneur.life That could be something very interesting some day.

Forget the Moon!! With Tribes we can now say to infinity and beyond 😁😁

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As always the best source for Tribes and Tokens!
Token Town approves!

And let's please not sideline the stoners! The Weedcash Network (www.weedcash.network) was, technically, the very first community EVER, even before palnet, like waaaaaaay back when.......... I know, it's easy to forget shit that far back in time ;).

Yeah, seems a lot. But I bet , buy the end of the year there maybe ten time more (tribes)

What aboutat first I was wondering about the impartiality of your tribe selection criteria.

Then I noticed the tags. I guess if we can't tag we can't promote or recieve.

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Unfortunately, many people like to live under the rock

Lol Steemians are tribe talking! (A play on Jive talking by the beegees)

Ich freue mich sehr, zu sehen wie das ganze anfängt sich zu bewegen und zu wachsen 😊

what sort of content is neoxian for? anything?

I love you guys men

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You have to be living under a rock to not understand what a scam these steem-engine things are by now? WTF rock u been hiding' under? duh!!! Flagged!