Issuing a Token? Let Us Help You Stay Legal

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If you have been considering creating a blockchain based company or issuing your own token, there can be many legal issues to consider first, especially for individuals living in the United States. One of the first things to determine is whether or not the token you want to issue constitutes a security in the eyes of the SEC. You can start off by using the Howie Test, but if you aren't sure, we encourage you to join the Discord group and speak with our team today.

If you do want to issue a security, let's talk about the services offered by Steem-Engine to help protect you and keep your company legally compliant. When you visit the website ( click on the STO option as pictured below.

Once you have made your way to the STO page, you'll be able to click on "Learn More" and see the full suite of services that we offer: SEC compliant offerings for multiple jurisdictions and funding models, incorporation documents, help with accrediting investors and ensuring that all of the necessary paperwork is completed and filed correctly.

All of this information can be a lot to take in and process, even for experienced business owners, but don't hesitate to come in and speak with our experienced team that has the skills to help you navigate these tricky legal areas and succeed. Our goal is to assist you through the entire process of taking your polished business idea to a fully funded and tokenized powerhouse of the next great business frontier: Blockchain!

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