Project Spotlight: DRAMA Token

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Today we'd like to take a few minutes to spotlight one of the most successful projects growing out of the Steem Engine platform. If you've been around the blockchain lately, it's pretty hard to miss this cute little guy popping up all over the place. dRama is the mascot for DRAMA Token and the project is proving that with effort, dedication, and community involvement, there's plenty of room for growth on the STEEM blockchain.

The token was created by one of our well known community members, @whatsup. You can read the official introduction post here, but if you are familiar with the founder, then you'll already know that she has a history of community involvement and love for the STEEM ecosystem. We had a chance to discuss the project with her yesterday and even managed to clear up a few misconceptions.

Users are able to mint new DRAMA tokens by holding a stake of 10 tokens or more. Tokens are available for sell, but what's really unique about this token is that every time a vested user summons dRama and mints a new coin, they also have the potential to bring in a new user to the DRAMA community and they are rewarded with a small upvote for keeping the DRAMA flowing. This means that one could either purchase the tokens on the Steem Engine Market or "farm up" enough drama on the STEEM platform to become vested in the DRAMA project and start minting new tokens and gaining rewards for themselves.

All in all, the project is a fun way to encourage engagement on the blockchain and offer a small reward for interacting with the community. Users are encouraged to hold tokens as it allows them the privilege of minting new tokens and new users learn about the project every time existing users call dRama to their posts or comments. It's not hard to see why the project is having such rapid growth and @whatsup seems to have a few more tricks up her sleeve that will likely add more value to the token. We feel that the project is a great example of how to create and add value to the STEEM blockchain through token usage and encourage you to check out the project for yourself.


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I love it so much I like to sit on a big D

You sizing the markymark up for us or you trying to find a round about way of calling him a dickhead you'd like to squash.

Who doesn't love some


? I certainly do.

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A good review and yeah you should earn a drama token for this post!


Your Drama is Worth Something!

haha Perfect!

I don't get what all the Drama is about!? Lol!!😜😂
Such a cute little guy, love the "D"!


Sorry, you don't have enough DRAMA.
You need 9.00000 DRAMA more for a chance to make it happen.
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how did I get a DRAMA Token before there is one in my wallet some how, lol!! Just creating more drama! @whatsup You need a Drama Queen!! 😂😂😂😜


Such drama, you've earned a DRAMA!

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Oh wow thank you For the Drama Token, @dramatoken and @whatsup as you can clearly see I LOVE DRAMA, LOL! ❤👑👸

Drama Token the gold standard!

Hey Guys, dRAMA from the drama project here... Thanks for the nice write up.

I would like to thank for giving my token a place to live.
I would like to thank @inertia for writing my bot.
I would like to thank @elgeko and @overkillcoin for helping with art and promotion

I appreciate the great write up, but I really do appreciate that we now have a place to create tokens, fun and serious. So, Thanks Guys!

We are Steem

These fun tokens are just that, for fun. Good luck with all the Drama!

I love the idea! Yet I'm not bribable by promotion of any kind. I follow you anyway, you bastard.

I don't have any drama token ;( Can someone help me?
I want to arrive at 10!

Its for sale in the market, buy some. Quite cheap rn.

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Hmm, can I



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I dunno... what happens if drama dries up on the Steem Blockchain and the world? Doesn't seem very sustainable...

Drama will never dry up here! or anywhere for that matter 😂. Where there is money there is drama!

Nailed it...


You give a dramatoken for this? That's an outrage! I quit!

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You have DRAMA!

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Sorry, you don't have enough DRAMA.
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Yes indeed. The Drama coin is great! Good job @whatsup!


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So all I need to create is some drama, right? "%$&@&%!"

As a receiver of this token i approve this message :P

How dare you !!! im offended!!!

goes off to make some more drama

But can the DRAMA endure when the get-rich-quick folks realize they can get "free" upvotes once they yield the power of the big D??


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