The Brilliant Way DACH and UE is Empowering Gamers

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We've looked at how Steem Engine can be used to tokenize a game economy and benefit both the developers and gamers, but today we're going to look at something a little different. If you have seen the DACH or UE tokens over on the Steem Engine Market, you may have been wondering what they are all about. After some research (and a lot of translation), what I've found is a great use case developed by a gaming community, @dachcolony, to tokenize and cooperate on a game they were all interested in, NextColony.

This is a pretty groundbreaking discovery, because what it means is that the players can collaborate to develop and build their own economy outside of the developers direct influence. The project started with the DACH token, which was used to fund planet acquisitions in the game for the whole group. The DACH tokens represent ownership in the groups acquisitions and resources produced from the planets in the game are then distributed to members based on their stake.

The UE token is used to represent the resources, externally to the game, and distribute them among the group. This allows for ownership of both in game resources and virtual real estate to be purchased and exchanged by anyone on Steem Engine without actually playing NextColony or being a member of their gaming group. It creates the potential for a meta-economy to form around a game that different groups play, and the players from different groups can exchange resources and virtual real estate with each other outside of the constraints put in place by the games developers. This is true ownership of digital assets and it has the power to disrupt the entire gaming industry.


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Wow that is a crazy twist!
Make your own alliance economy?!?
I like where this is going. It's getting deep, :)

Thank you for finding out the use of DACH and UE tokens. Will surely invest in these as the game nextcolony is doing quite well. Things are going to get interesting in the upcoming months on nextcolony.

That's very cool.. will have to check out their posts..

Maybe something @drugwars gangs should look into...

Спасибо за интересную и полезную информацию. Было бы круто узнать о всех токенах на платформе Steem-Engine.

I'm part of Dach-Colony and very proud that our community introduced the first ressource based Token outside of the regular Next Colony ecosystem. This shows the true power of communities, Steem Engine based Token system, brilliant minds come together and collaborate.

I'm still confused about the difference between Dach token and UE tokens. Are Dach for those who play the game and UE for those who don't?

Just trying to understand.

When you have Dach Tokens than you are a part of the DACH Colony Alliance. This community has special offers to its members. You can trade your resources thru UE with other Colony members or you can send your resources to our legendary planet Tatarus and Ares for exchange of other resources or UE Tokens.
The game will also have big achievements like a "Wonder of the World" and by achieving this for the Dach Community we will be rewarded from the Next Colony Reward Pool. All rewards gets distributed to DACH Token holders according to their holdings.

Oh ok. Well I think the idea is really interesting and different.

Would I be better off holding DACH or UE?

First you need to purchase some DACH Tokens in order to be part of Dach Community. The UE at the moment only relevant for members within the Dach Community to trade resources. I can't say anything about the prices about these Tokens but I would recommend you to join Dach Community by purchasing Dach Tokens.