The road to Steem Fest | Catching up

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So you decided to go to Steem Fest at the very last minute?

Did you win a ticket and just prepared everything over the last week?

Have you heard about the #roadtosteemfest idea just a few days ago?

Didn't you know that everyone who joins on at least 75% of this posting trend will get a surprise the last day of Steem Fest?
Well, this is your chance to catch up and make all your posts about the Road to Steem Fest!

This week's topic is catching up!

This week you can post about each and every weekly topic of the Road to Steem Fest! It will help you to share something about yourself, it will help other people to feel as if they already know you before meeting in person in Thailand, it will help everyone to break the ice and when the big event happens, we'll all be like a group of friends that is more like a small family :)

So, what are you waiting for? Check out the previous prompts, get your laptop out and start writing! You have one week to catch up on the TEN topics, that's going to be a hell of a posting week! Let's get the Steem Fest hype full force!

If you want you can do a post about all of the topics OR you can do a post for each topic, as you prefer!

A Trip down memory lane - For previous attendees only

Planning, wanting, doubting

Who would you like to meet in Thailand?



The Thai life

Business or Pleasure?

The actual road

Three truths and one lie


Take a look at each post and **if you haven't made a post about a topic(s), this is you chance to put it out there for the blockchain to witness and the other attendess to read about you!

Small set of rules:

  • You have until Sunday, November 3rd to catch up on all the topics!
  • This is only for Steemians who are attending Steem Fest!
  • Use the tag #roadtosteemfest and #blocktradescontest so we can all find the posts and get to vote on our posts to help out our funding for the trip.


...everyone who joins in on at least 75% of the topics, will be eligibile to win a big surprise in Bangkok.

Thank you everyone who makes a post about this. Any vote or resteem is appreciated, since all the liquid rewards from this post will go to fund one lucky Steemian's Steem Fest 4 entry ticket.

This is a @blocktrades sponsored contest organized by @ocd-witness, if you like what we are doing here, vote for both witnesses :)


bangkok gonna rock

Sweet. My wife and I were looking for something like this that had the full list of topics. Thanks homie.

Only a few days to meet you guys :)))


I just noticed that I haven’t participated in many of the topics on the list. I taught it started recently when I saw it. I didn’t it was 10 topics strong already. Does this post mean I can catch up and participate in the ones I missed? I would like to have participated in at least 75 percent.

If yes, do I have to do the entries that I have missed one by one?

I think you can catch up one by one.... 🤔 Which means you can have multiple posts all on.

Looking forward for your post and see you there in person!

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Perfect! There is something I had planned to post about SF before I fly out next week.

I send you a message via discord with a link for download my drawings selected for the inktober contest @anomadsoul

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@anomadsoul looking forward to join you-yeah Bankok <==

Good posts

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No worries, I just re-read the post slowly. I get the gist. I can catch up then

Hm. This is a good opportunity for me to check which are the ones I have missed out. 👍🏼

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Congratulations @anomadsoul!
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Ok. These are the list of posts I have missed out (and will be adding more in soon)


Road to Steemfest : Budgeting (plus October 29 2019 Actifit Report Card)

Didn't want to post too many at a go.