Such a pleasure to be sharing all this with you guys!
Go Fundition GO!

@Leotrap it was such a pleasure to meet you in person actually, to share, to talk, to eat ...haha no I'm kidding but you have been so so incredible with Fundition.
NB: Goyard is in love with you XD
See you tomorrow!

Ahhhhh so cool @addicttolife.. the same in here, tell Goyard I will flag him! hahahaha. See you tomorrow, ok?
Kisses to that Team! - Rest :)

Where are you Leotrap I miss you :D

Hahahaha...home! Last day today!!!

Thank you for support @Leotrap!

  • Greetings Goyard from the Fundition team.

Weldone great guys! You really made the event a great atmosphere, The whole lot of the Idea is touching. Enjoy some respite and have a cool day.

Hello @profnuhu !Thank you for the words, really appreciate that and especially Hightouch will be touched by those words!
-Greetings Miemie from the Fundition team.

Superbly amazing
Fundition has made great impact in a short time

Hello @mickyscofield ! It's not Fundition who made an impact, it's the Fundition community with all the Founders, Backers, Supporters, Angels, Ambassadors etc. This community is truly incredible! You are building a better future with the tool named!
-Greetings Miemie from the Fundition team.

Hi @addicttolife Its really a nice community when I mean is nice! The Founders, Backers, Supporters, Angels, Ambassadors and contributors/users all are awesome. This community service is what I do identify as "giving life to lifeless". Much gratitude goes to the teams who keep it alive as they deserve much accolade. I send my heart to you guys all!. I wish, as well can't wait to be part of the team now or in the future.
Kudos to @hightouch.

Great to see @hightouch out there speaking about the never ending pipeline of projects he is behind!! That guy never stops coming up with ideas!

Hello @cryptocurator ! You are totally right, he never stops, or maybe he doesn't know how to stop...and that's why we still have lots of surprises for all of you up to 2020 !
-Greetings Miemie from the Fundition team.

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I am really happy that I had the chance to get to know you guys, good work! :)

The pleasure was for us! Can't wait to see the next step of Globalschool on Fundition. You are doing great!
-Greetings Miemie from the Fundition team.

When we are back in Vienna we will work on it. Thank you! :)

Thabk you for all you do!

Hello @dynamicgreentk ! Thanks a lot for supporting !
Don't forget to pass by to chat with the Fundition community =)
-Greetings Miemie from the Fundition team.

Wow. Sweet sweet sweet. Fundition on point.Thank you @hightouch for representing us well. Its really good to see how you look. Thanks for the update. I wish you guys safe journey

Hello @michaelcj ! Yes Hightouch represented Fundition really well...but let me tell you a Steemfest in Krakow the ones who represented us really well were actually our Founders, our Ambassadors, our Angels and definitely the Backers! We got to meet some incredible Fundition community members like Oracle-D, Rhondak, Gmuxx, Artakush, Leotrap, Travelgirl, Globalschool team, Bitrocker, Surfermarly, Akipponn, Sho-T, AaronLeang and so so so much more !!

Really great. I missed that. I wish i had some magic powers to appear in Krakow right now. Cheers!!! Greetings to everyone of you

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-Greetings Miemie from the Fundition team.

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