5 years later in Amsterdam... a fitting end to an era! ( Steemfest 1 )

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Some days ago I decided to finally leave behind STEEM and take my tokens out there. The developement since the hostile takeover by TRON was imho not to the better and I don't want to have to do anything with the STEEM chain. My home now is here with HIVE.

The enty of the Volkshotel. 5 years ago probably about 1 kg of Marihuana went up in flames here in less than a week


There are a lot of memories connected to STEEM, so I thought, it would be a fitting goodbye to visit one of the milestones in my STEEM history and spend a weekend at the Volkshotel in Amsterdam, the place where the first and probably most amazing event in the Cryptosphere ever took place. Here I met @fabio , @pharesim , @shaka , @twinner , @felixxx , @shortcut and many more for the first time. I had the possibility to meet @blocktrades , @gandalf and even NED who had (at least at this point in time) the possibility to become immortal. I probably forgot to mention about 100 people that were important to me at this trip, I hope they will forgive me. 206 people from 31 nationalities met at one place to celebrate decentralisation.

Amsterdam has been the birthplace of @steembay (RIP) an idea developed with @schererf and it was the first appearance of @bellastella (my official sock-puppet alter EGO).

IMG_2366Kopie.jpg the view behing the Volkshotel

Noone was aware what lay ahead of us. The good, the bad, the drama, the missed opporunities, but also the really big stuff like @steemmonsters , where it is now possible to earn more a day than at the time it was possible in in a whole month.

I forgot how good you can eat in Amsterdam

What can I say. As expected we (my wife an me) had a really good time but it was mixed with bittersweet memories, as most of the places I had already seen and experienced thanks to the perfect preparation and management of @roelandp (seems he is in the final stage of preparing hivefest6 right now).

the rooftop panorama of the Volkshotel

At this point I want to say a big thank you to all who made this trip and the journey since to an unforgettable one. Perhaps this post can lead to some more reminscing posts from others.
It was surely a really good idea, to invest my last STEEM to make a trip to Amsterdam again.

Have fun to indulge in memories!

no trip to Amsterdam is complete without a boattrip

waffles behind the "ode kerk", at the time it was roelandp's brother who made them for us

List of attendants and I hope you don't mind being mentioned here. Unfortunately we lost a lot of friends along the way but also found many new ones:


For many many many more memories visit: https://salon.io/steemfest/about


Sehr schöner und persönlicher Artikel.

I am not lost, although until recently I wasn't very active here.

I still wear my Steemfest 2016 wristband! What a great time we had..

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There was literally NO development at all since the hostile takeover.
The only change that was implemented was to steal user funds.


It feels like HIVE has some good news and updates almost weekly and
I still believe that Justin has still NO clue what he bought.

That memory is still alive in those people's who attend there and finally make a move to hive platform. Now steem and hive seems like parallel each other and same thing will not be happening here. Good luck for your journey here.

Wow! Wonderful memories indeed!
I nearly missed this super nice post because I’m not so active in the past year but happy to see some familiar faces here again!
I miss you All! I’m back soon but I said this a few times already 😅

Keep going Hivers!!!

Sad what happened because it was my “home” for many years


We had breakfast together. You, Bellastella (the Birdy puppet) and me. I remember that very well!

We also came to visit at your home :) I remember that as well !!! Hope all is good! I had some serious healthissues but I conquered that beast a year ago and now I kind of lay very low. All Best your way!

Hey remember me @mammasitta I am one of your followers on steemit

I think that I do remember you 🎶

Hope you do well on Hive ✨🌟

Memories, memories ...

Sehr cool. Resteemed- edit OMG- rehived ;-)
Herzlichen Dank für deine Upvotes, stell bitte den Bot auf 5 Minuten genau ein, ansonsten geht es in den Reward Pool zurück und du bekommst auch keine Kuration Rewards. Das ist doch ein bisschen Schade ;-) Merci.

Danke für den Hinweis. Werd ich mir bei Gelegenheit mal angucken (bin aber schon froh, dass endlich so ein Ding bei mir läuft)

Hahaha. Besten Dank. Kann ich sehr gut verstehen ;-)

I wasn't in Amsterdam then, unless I have blasted the memory out of my brain! :)

true... I did not find a list from Amsterdam, so I used the Lisbon one. The matching is like 85% which was good enough for me ^^

As well I believe SOME may have blasted the memory out of their brains as well ;-)

I was in Lisbon and Krakow. I know some people have been at all of the events.

I've been to Amsterdam and Lisbon, so some of my memory is blurred, as well. Both events have been a blast. (I would have loved to jam with you, but it seems we both were too busy)

Nice update :)!

I didn’t attend Amsterdam, but I was at Lisbon, Bangkok and of course last years metaverse 🤓

We even eat the first nigth together!!!! Good memories indeed!!! I was in Amsterdam 2 weeks ago with my girlfriend and I was telling her the complete story of the first SteemFest.

Cheers and hope you are ok (and the family and stella bella also) 😁

I was gutted i didn't go to Amsterdam. I discovered steem shortly before and still thought blockchain and crypto was all a scam. Seeing the videos from amsterdam i was gutted i didn't go. It looked like a blast.
I did made it to Lisbon and it was great.

Like you i have recently checked out of steem. I want to leave that chain behind.

I think you made a good decision and chose the right blockchain. Already looking forward to several times here on


to read from you.

Five years ago in Amsterdam, I would have liked to have been there, too. My time only started in 2018.

Greetings Michael


I missed that but than we had Lisbon

A !BEER for you and hope to see you soon

It was such an amazing trip and fest!


Yours @mammasitta

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