8 Hour Layover in Amsterdam en Route to Steemfest 3!

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Trying Schedule 1 drugs, the kind that will get you thrown in a cage for trying them, is never a good idea; ie,


In Amsterdam, two things are legal that aren't in most other countries: Marijuana and Psilocybin.

I don't smoke weed.

I learned about 25 years ago (in Canada 🇨🇦) that it's a great drug if you want to end the party early and go to sleep.

Sativa, Indica, Yugoslavia, stop it with your different strains and different 'effects.'

Absolutely no interest; I know me and I know what time it is.

Keep passing that duchie 'pun de right hand side - I'm not interested.

What IS interesting are all the studies at Johns Hopkins and other major medical think tanks (thank you Dr. Rick Strassman for all of your important work!) regarding psychedelics.

Check out Jordan Peterson's podcast, number 26, for some incredibly enlightening information.

Please note that I've never taken Ayahuasca, DMT, LSD, or even a tab of ecstasy in my entire life.

Very interesting studies are being conducted on psilocybin in The United States, absolutely fascinating stuff...

Truly compelling


Steemfest is 6 hours away!

See you all at the Qubus Hotel!

Steemfest 3, here we come!

@scan0017 😘


I got cussed out by two Dutch hookers wearing Santa Hats in Amsterdam because I couldn't get my dick up because I was drunk, high, and shrooming. They kept my 100 Euro too.
Say hi to God when you see him again. He isn't talking to me.

Just met you at steemfest! You rock!

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hey man, did you bail on us yesterday or was it me? My emotions got the best of me so I had to run without saying goodbye to many. Missing you already so we better meet before next SF!!! Love always.

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