SteemFest3 - Live from Kraków

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SteemFest is on. With the help of @shourai we are livestreaming from both conference rooms on both days (Thursday & Friday). So that is 2 rooms per day. All streams will be recorded also and individual recordings cut after the event and published.

The livestream schedule can be looked up via

Day 1 - Main Stage

Day 1 - Balcony Stage

Day 2 - Room 1

Day 2 - Room 2


awesome..... will be taking out a bottle of vodka and sitting in the cold to set the mood and pretend I am there

My thoughts exactly... perfect post to make me feel like a steemit loser on the other side of the world

hear hear! and I'm proud of it :>)

I am more Steemloser than the both of you being in Australia and all....

The weather is rather warm, but the rest of the story is pretty much exact ;-)

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same :)

Sounds like a great idea. I might get some !popcorn to add to the fun.

Haha @paulag, good idea. Though it is actually quite mild here, around 17 C. Don't ditch the vodka idea though :-)



Lol best comment 😂👍🏼


Cool. Resteemed. Look forward to the streams!

Hi @roelandp & @shourai, there is nothing after Appics at 12:30pm in Room 1 on Day 2! The video just shows the background and my talk and a few others are missing!

Second part of Day2 Room 1 is here

Wow, this is great.
I can watch from home.

Also ich hatte jemanden darum gebeten dich zu fragen lieber @roelandp, aber anscheinend hat das nicht geklappt. Ich hätte gerne dein sensationelles outfit vom Steemfest mit deiner Unterschrift. Siehst du da eine Chance ???? Ich würde das gerne in einen Rahmen geben und neben die Kunstwerke von @Shortcut oder auch @jameszenartist an meiner Künstlerwand aufhängen. Liebe grüße aus Sachsen.

Great to see that! Is it possible to join single events? I live in Krakow.

You could visit side-events for free. Those are more social events where you could meet up with Steemians and show them around.


But why youtube and not DTube???

@dtube takes 25% of rewards and upvotes a set group, my last youtube video has near 5k views, if posted with @dtube it would have 12 views and they would take $2 from me...

Lol that is so funny if you think about it. 5K ... I don't use dtube but I thought we're not allowed to see views .... I know we don't in Steemit. @dynamicrypto
Maybe things will improve. Big difference.

Awesome steemfest.

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La comunidad venezolana cada vez mas grande, Dios mediante para el otro año podemos organizarnos para hacer estos tipo de eventos para poner nuestro granito de arena para que la plataforma sea cada vez mejor. Gracias por compartir, saludos!

This is amazing
Go on! Steem!!!!

Thanks Acid. The next best thing.

Nice one @steemfest resteemed so my team can watch the live streams. Wishing you all a great event.

Yeaahh thanx I'm gonna put that on my Beamer and it is just as of I'm really there. Thank you. I'm so excited.

It will be awesome. All the best guys.

Lovely, I will close my eyes while sipping my energy drink and pretend that I am there looking at steemit gringas.

You gotta be careful with those energy drinks, pal. I recommend grabbing some coconut water.

I will dream of having a steem fest in Venezuela next year

Que faltaría.. para que sea impresionante.... le falta algo....?

Woww! Satisfied the curiosity! 😆 thank you

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Thank you for organising the livestream, I couldn't make it to steemfest this year so it is great to be able to follow the conferences live and hear about the latest development from the steem blockchain and dapps.

Thanks for sharing the live stream.

Awesome! Thanks for the livestreams! Looking forward to watch them.

Can anyone tell me who's talking now?

It’s so awesome that you are doing live streams , but it’s lost on me why you are steaming to YouTube. Why are we not supporting our own live streaming service here on Steemit? DTube should have this instead. To me it’s not even a question? Live, dream, breathe Steemit .

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This is great. Thanks. Getting my morning coffee and going to watch. ;)

Really enjoying the live stream!

Enjoying all the conversations happening. Hate to miss out.

Should bring a meeting professional onboard and make this look better. The first 1.5 hours of video 2 is a lot of nothing. The cameras and projector color temperatures are not matching, the refresh rates not matching is creating visible noise. A slide advancer (wireless mouse) for presenters to stop asking for slides to be advanced and a stage manager to keep things flowing. You could also ask presenters to send in video's of them talking on their project so you can see who can speak and who clearly does not belong on a stage. Improving the professionalism will help larger investors take our blockchain a bit more serious.

Please help them! Your a better man than I.

Very nice stuff with publishing creators from the writers block!

@promosteem @promo-steem amazing things your doing, hope I can work with you much more closely with @steem-ads

thanks for posting this. I will totally watch these, wish i was there

Oh my dear god, it really hurts being so close and so far at the same time. I saw the streams sitting in a flat 50 meters away from the Qubus hotel in Kraków.


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Someone adding time stamps for the topics? would be nice

You got my vote I will be back for more of this.. :)

Amazing ... this is a perfect show ... and I can watch steemfest3 via this video ..

Steemian friends!

What a great energy on a @steemit festival, everyone smiling, with happy faces! :)

I hope from this festival many excellent projects born, for our awesome @steemit community!

Much success, and happiness Steemian friends! :D

All the best @cryptogee....eager to see u live:)

Wow! This is great.

Wow, that's so cool