Special Edition Episode! // The Steem Sisters Catch Up on All Things Steemfest

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Hi Friends!

Mary and I haven't seen each other for a few weeks because of our overlapping travel schedules and it was soooo fun to finally hang out and catch up tonight!

We decided to just turn on the camera to chat about Steemfest and it turned out to be around 22 minutes - so we are calling this a full fledged special edition episode.

If you want to get some of the down and dirty details on Steemfest from my perspective - then you will enjoy this episode. Who am I kidding... all the real dirty details will be revealed in my upcoming "In bed with the Steembirds" interview that happened at Steemfest.

Join us while we sip wine and chat about Steemfest. Mary was having some serious FOMO throughout this video and is totally committed to making it to Steemfest next year.

With Love,

The Steem Sisters

@coruscate and @maryjaney



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Someday we'll get both of you in bed together 😎

That will be an epic day for both the Steembirds and Steem Sisters. 😎

It will happen one of these days... no doubt. 😉

Gosh that is one teasy comment

Oh wait you are one steem bird

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Yup lol, normal SteemBird talk 😎

Two things to add here:

  1. It looks like @coruscate is throwing a punch here:


2.#wineanxiety completely OFF THE CHARTS IN THIS MOMENT:


awesome recap!! We need to see the #wineanxietypillow on the #sss ASAP !!

hahhah you uncovered my secret plot to take over the Steem Sister Show by punching Mary out and or giving her a break down from wine anxiety.

We legit might need to start selling #wineanxiety merch. LOL

If anything deserves to be a tag, its #wineanxiety

Hahaha, Mary's signoff was so amazingly delightfully murdery at the end... "I will meet you and I will destroy you. So good. I think Mary did extremely well at containing the 'tell me more about all the amazing things I missed' face... which I probably would have struggled with.

I hadn't really thought about the concept of 'would I be able to hold my own' in a convention of OGs, but in all honesty, I don't think I would, but also, I don't think that would matter to me... I feel like people on the platform are kind enough to catch you up if you don't know something.

This was great! Thanks The Sisters!
I'm going to talk to my boss next week about taking some time off for Austin... no more fomo.

You should have seen her off camera... serious FOMO going on! But seriously though - that's so, so exciting that you are going to come to Austin! It will be craaaaazy. Keeping my fingers crossed it all works out!

Funny you mention the fear of "holding my own". Now that i'm thinking about it - I think that's a pretty long standing fear of mine. I was never really considered "smart" growing up and I guess I still have some insecurities around that. Funny how that stuff pops up sneakily sometimes.

I need to get myself one of those crypto babe T shirts.

I think I could rock it.

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Yaaasss!!! Be sure to get the crop top. lol

Good idea. \n\nI've already started my SF4 beach buff plan so that'd show off my abs nicely.

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enter>With Love,

You know you don't have to type Enter... you can just press the key...

Can't wait to watch this ep tomorrow while I'm working. Super pumped!

Bahahah I’ll go fix that now. 😂

See you steem sisters at steemfest 4 😃

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yaaay! Can't wait!!!

Wow nice two giral

Steem Sister also big in Japan? :D

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