steemfunding guide

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Thanks to steemfunding funders.

Where to use

Daily Reward

  • We will distribute the SBD once a day to the funders.
    The payout is distributed in proportion to the amount of the SP delegation.
  • You can received it after 24h of delegate.
  • Example
FunderSP delegation
  • A received 20%

Reward History

Cancel Funding

  • You can cancel at any time you want.

How to participate in funding.

  • Please check delegate to @steemfunding account

  • We recommend using the active key.

  • It is done.

Support the project

@koinbot is a witness of steem.
If you support the projects of koinbot, please vote(steemconnect).
I am not currently in the top 50, so you need to write my name in the box and vote.

If you have any questions, please leave a comment.

Thanks :)


I follow you and upvoted your maximum post...
Please..please..Support me.

If anyone delegate 20 SP, then how much he will get daily?

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