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RE: Steem Command Line Guide Part 1 - A Learner's Guide to Using cli_wallet

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This is pretty smart. CLI is just a little more than many can handle but of course there are many who are a little interested or more. I am one of those many but have been too swamped to do get there.

And this would be super helpful right now:

One thing that cli voting allows you to do that Steemit does not (yet) is to adjust the weight of your votes.


This is an eyeopener. If it can be done with the CLI, then why is there no way to do it through the browser? This is the first question which came to my mind. I know there are technical explanations to this, but it is nice to know you can adjust your weight. I speak for myself when I say I vote on anything I find good to be promoted, but if I had the power to change how much I wanted to give, that would be great! I do want to give bigger rewards to some posts while encouraging others with a small amount. Thanks for this revelation.