Quake Alarm - Earthquake detector and early warning device.

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Quake Alarm

Earthquake detector and early warning device.



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Quake Alarm is capable of detecting large earthquakes that occur hundreds of miles away and can detect moderate to minor earthquakes for many miles around your local area.

It provides instant warning of an earthquake around your area by by detecting the "p" wave (compression wave) of an earthquake, which travels faster than the more destructive "s" wave (shear wave).
Instant detection saves the precious seconds before the earthquake hits thus allowing you to take cover or tend to other family members.


  • Loud distinctive alarm to wake you up.
  • Adjustable sensitivity setting.
  • Aftershocks monitoring.
  • Small and easy to install.
  • Low power consumption; operates on just 9V.




Hunter: @awaischuchi


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The tidal waves caused by earthquakes and earthquakes do a lot of damage to people. In countries without an earthquake monitoring system, it seems like a good choice to install this product at home for emergencies.

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Note : i don't give upvote because its already on top 10, just wanna leave some comment to this SUPER COOL HUNT

Before it, i hunt the same type of product coz my country need it soo much. And, you give me another best alternative, thank you @awaischuchi.

Welcome to steemhunt btw :thumbsup: :beers:

hehe i wanna give an upvote but it's already on top 10, but next time i am sure if your cool hunt sunk to the bottom, i will safe you :joy:

No problem.
Seriously I never thought that I would have my 1st hunt in top 3.
Such an honor.

It's a really useful item. I think people in the earthquake-prone area really need it. If we knew there would be an earthquake, we could reduce the damage.

Welcome to SteemHunt :)

Your first hunt is great, so I upvoted it.

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Thank you very much..

My country, Indonesia has got two big earthquakes in this year in Palu and NTB. By applying quake alarm, I believe it can reduce victims.

Thanks for your great hunt!

This should help the masses. The feature of an alarm and a warning sign will come in handy. Great innovation.

Great hunt @awaischuchi

I live in a country with a high risk of earthquake, I would like to buy this earthquake detector. It's great that he detected the earthquakes and gave us an early notice, this product saves lives.

Hey amazing product...I like so much this cool product thank you so much for sharing

Nice hunt @awaischuchi! This is a handy device that can end up saving lives. Something like this should be in every household in a high-risk quake zone.

A necessary item for every home in California. This is a really good invention. Here in California, we have quakes all the time. But some are so small that we can't really feel them or just don't pay attention to them. But all of these little quakes matter as they determine a shift in the earth's plates which could lead up to the big one. Having this will give you an idea of what is going on underground. Great Hunt @awaischuchi

Earth Quake is a natural disaster and it always creates destruction in the form of causalities or other infrastructural harms. I do personally feel Quake Alarm is not only a hunt but it is life safer for the people all around the globe. Such ideas and products should be appreciated highly.

Such an awesome and worthy Hunt for sure <3

This product is really a relief to those people who live in earthquake prone ares. Earthquake is always a horrible experience and with such devices one can at least get alert early and have those extra time to act accordingly and will become safe.

Thank you and Have a great day.

This quake alarm requires very little power to operate and looks like very handy device. Great hunt.

Quake Alarm is a product that will inform us before the earthquake. Earthquakes are natural disasters that can not be avoided, but with this great invention we can take care of our lives and leave unharmed.

Tools like this should be owned by people who live in areas prone to earthquakes. I wish I could have it someday.

This product looks cool. It's alert for earthquakes so it helps people prepare the disaster quickly. Great product.

Ultimately this is a great product especially in Asia, where we get almost daily earthquake shock and tsunami alarm and alert. This product can be put in house and office , time is essence and time can save life. thanks for sharing. indeed this is a great hunt

WOw, It is so cool Earthquake alarm it can save our life and our many important things I am sure I will use it to make me sure to face earthquake. Lol thanks for sharing.

This can save many lives as it detects and give alert when earthquake happens nearby the locality. The cons I see is that it detects the earthquake when it already happened. It does not detect the earthquake beforehand. Am I correct?

There is no technology developed yet that can detect earthquake before happening.

Oh, there's none? I hope we will have soon then. It will be very helpful to save lives.

some cool and great features of this product as described by the author are:

A special loud alarm to wake you up.
Adjustable sensitivity settings.
Small and easy to install.
Low power consumption; operates only at 9V.

It seems that this product potentially could save a lot of human beings. I hope it will spread and become widely used in the areas with high risk of earthquakes. Thank you for that hunt, keep it going and steem on!

Am so glad I leave in a earthquake free zone but this is will be of great help to people leaving in this zones so that they can get to monitor and know when am earthquake is likely to happen

Lol,,, the product is funny earthquakes alarm. If you get this alarm are you suppose to run away or do what now... It's cool though

Now a days earthquake is a big cause of causalities and many people died due to earthquake .Earthquake detector is a good product because it can detect earthquake occur hundred and due to this device we we can do some security .
Due to this device the death rate will be minimum and maximum lives will be saves .

It is a life saving product and a valuable invention. If quake happen then due this Quake Alarm we can move to a safe place. It is really a great hunt.

Anything that has to do with a way to save people with information about an earthquake is good. Earthquake is not something we should wish to experience that is why am in support of this product

The world we live in is very old, the risk of an earthquake because the shift of the earth's plates will occur at any time, of course this product will be needed as a detector and at the same time a warning signal of danger, good and useful products.

Hi, @ awaischuchi, a fabulous and useful product.
The thought of the earthquake always provokes discomfort.
This device is great for early detection of stronger and distant earthquakes.
This gives you time to protect yourself and others.
Of course it should be at House..

""Quake Alarm"" is Excellent Hunt You share @awaischuchi.

No doubt Quake Alarm is wonderful device which detect the Earthquake attack in time and also warned with alarm. It has amazing features due to which it is very useful in Earthquake Areas. Great technology used in this product and best for human safety.

This is very useful for everyone, especially in Indonesia, we really need it, because Indonesia has experienced an earthquake in several regions. with the existence of this alrm we will know to be able to save ourselves.

In some area where they experienced little or total earthquake can now focast how future of a certain place will be. This will help in detecting and help in future plan.

It's good to always be prepared for the possibility of an earthquake in your area. Prevention can not only save one life, but many. Excellent hunt!

Thanks for share this hunt!

I live in the Philippines which is located in the Pacific Ring of Fire. To tell you the truth I think that this product is just perfect for the buildings and establishments in my region, especially for bigger facilities like schools and marketplaces. It could literally save alot of people by notifying them at an earlier time. I'm just curious is if this is available in S.E. Asia. Would be the best if it is. Excellent hunt in my opinion.

Wonderful and an amazing device that is very helpful for safety of lives. With this device we can easily know about the earthquake and can save our family and kids at safe place.
Super cool Hunt!

Hey, @awaischuchi you found smart and cool things which are very helpful to detect early and we get prepared for this overall great hunt

In today's world due to fast environmental changes earthquakes occurs thick and fast for this reason i think it's a must have life saving device and i like it because it give us voice alerts before earthquake thus give me & my family the time which we need to get to safety. Super Hunt

It's nice to take the earthquake beforehand because we take our children and the elderly out of the house. It would be nice to have such products at everyone's house.

Wow Quake Alarm is a great earthquake alarm system that will help a lot of people. It wakes us up before the earthquake and lets us monitor aftershocks.

great product natural problems are increasingly appearing and from one moment to another could happen so it is better to be ready for everything that comes so I think it is quite great great hunting

@awaischuchi Cool hunt. First time I see a device that can warn you early of earthquake and great for those who live in earthquake zones. Must get. Great hunt.

This device is a safeguard to destruction from earthquakes. Early warning is a big safety for humanbeings life.

Earthquakes are natural disasters. Since we do not know when there will be earthquake, we are caught unprepared. Quake Alarm is a product that will inform us before the earthquake.

No doubt earth quake has caused alot of damage in some areas which sometimes leads to lost of life and property ,i think with this app that notifies about upcoming earth quake , loss of life and properties will greatly reduce , as they would have been notified before hand on this app ,thanks for this hunter

We will never be prepared for an earthquake or earthquake, but having an alarm that tells you when it is going to happen or is happening in a place will keep us alert and help us to make forecasts, this alarm seems very useful, great hunting

The damage earth quake is causing in some part of the world is so alarming , many fell victim because a product like this is not available to notify them of it coming so if possible evacuation and relocation can be done , this is beautiful ,it will definitely help avert disasters ,thanks hunter

Quake The alarm is too far away from earthquakes. This product is in the crop setting and will inform you of aftershocks. Nice way to protect from the earthquake.

It's great to know that the damage that natural disasters used to do to humans in the past can now be avoided with the help of such detectors that allow us to take protective measures ahead of time. Great hunt.

Quake alarm has got all that what can help us taking preventive measures before the earthquake happens. I think it can help us save so many lives.

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