FIXD - Personally diagnose your car

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Personally diagnose your car


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Hunter's comment

FIXD is a device created to help a car owner know the problem of their car without consulting a mechanic. This puts an end to falling victim to extortive technicians and help pin point the problem for easy fixing.

All that is needed is connecting the device with your car and then pairing it with your smart phone. It will immediately run diagnosis and produce accurate results.

Here's a video on FIXD


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Finally a product that can tell us what is wrong and no more being ripped off. This is like having your own diagnostic kit and will save us a small fortune. This is something that I am sure most people would buy. I had my car serviced through the dealerships only to find out they were taking shortcuts. I have never trusted them since and this will help forcing mechanics into doing a proper job. A really great find.