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Trill Travel




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TRILL is an invite only marketplace for tastemakers to monetize their social travel content and guide consumers to book their next travel experience powered by user-generated content.

Tastemakers sign up to TRILL via their Instagram account. TRILL's platform reviews each tastemakers geo-tagged Instagram content and creates a profile that turns all of their travel related content into bookable experiences. Each piece of content has a book now button where TRILL populates hotels and activities in the area of each post. TRILL rewards each tastemaker with cash or travel credit when users book off their content.



Hunter: @fastraveller

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Another good app/platform to plan tours with different options or it would be better to say, "It has some unique flavors/shades of its own." The best part is, you can earn by sharing your travel experiences as well. Good one.
Congratulations on your first approved hunt and good luck for your future hunts.

Yes exactly 🙂 thank you

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Awesome hunt ! Your hunt is now verified.

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Thanks. I will download this app.

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Influencer marketing is more and more amaze me every day. Although I find it sometimes little bit strange, it may be a good app for those who want to exist in this area. Good hunt, thanks for sharing.

Yes influencer marketing will rise day by day. So we should take advantage of it!!! 😉

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A platform for transferring your next travel experience to others. Social travel can be monetized. A good platform for travelers.

Yes this app is great idea 😉

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Wow this thing is so amazing!!!!!
Its features are so awesome. It books the next travel according to user's content that pretty impressive.
Great hunt!

Thanks. Yes I love it 😉

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I downloaded Trill Travel and I recommend it to everyone who like travelling. Thanks for sharing.

You are welcome 🙂

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We are going to see more of this in the future. The word of mouth or people influencing other people is only going to grow. With the attention economy starting to grow, getting the views from people is going to require an in as opposed to direct marketing like in the past. This really leverages that idea.

Great hunt.

You are right!!!

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Thanks for sharing, @fastraveller. I think travel apps that connect travellers and destination experts are promising.

Yes 😁 I checked your profile and I looks like that you also like traveling 🙂 I'm following you

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Trill Travel looks like a great app if you like travel. Sure i will download it. Thanks for sharing.

Yes it is very good for travellers 😉

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Good article! I am following you please follow me back @abhijeetcg

Following back 😉

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Nice hunt. Basically this is what steemit should do as well so that good content creators are rewarded properly.

Yes exactly

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