Electricmood - The world's smartest urban e-scooter

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The world's smartest urban e-scooter



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The ElectricMood is an electric scooter with integrated lights, which is folded so you can take it wherever you want, it can be dragged thanks to the extra set of wheels.

It is very light weighing 10 kg; It has a rechargeable lithium battery, no straps or chains. It is perfect for transit in the city, with a maximum speed of 16 mph.

Its structure is wide enough to stand with both feet side by side, so you can look forward instead of looking sideways




Hunter: @francisco2351


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A very nice and practical scooter, since being foldable we can take it easily to wherever we go. In addition, the battery is fast charging which will undoubtedly avoid the discomfort of waiting for hours to recharge. With the amount of scooter that there is currently it is good to see one with a simple but practical design.

Good job

There are so many scooters nowadays but Electricmood is one of the best of them by its designation, features and also innovation. (and being foldable is great) Perfect hunt.

Hi, @francisco2351 you are a really great hunter! Thank you for sharing your amazing hunt. This is my personal review and no intention to judge your work. ☺☺

✤ Congrats for your verified ✤


  • I really like the designed of Electricmood it's look like very stable and solid and also the wheels a little bit bigger.
  • Nowadays electric scooter it's become more popular specially for transportation because it was very easy to used you need a little practice to balancing and after that just hit the road.
  • The Electricmood is very light and look very comfortable urban scooter.

Great hunt! ☺☺

this scooter only weighs 10kg can use it as many men as ladies since it is extremely Libyan can fold it so you can place it wherever you want it has 2 extra wheels to drag it

We see so many scooters here, when I checked Electricmood's features, they impressed me. Thanks for sharing.

Thanks to its electrical usage you don't need to make effort for it. It will make your travel to work easy. Its 10 kg so must be easy to carry for most people. I wish i had one of this product.

very good hunt, I love this skateboard electric has a good speed, has room to place both feet, very practical folds and you can take it anywhere, you can drag thanks to the extra set of wheels. Great hunting scares me.

Great hunt my friend @francisco2351. Design and features are amazing.

Keep hunting amazing products.
Wish you great success here.


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