Franmara Bottle Lock - Protecting your valuable fluids

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Franmara Bottle Lock

Protecting your valuable fluids



Hunter's comment

Is your liquid gold properly protected?

Franmara has made a sentry combination bottle lock that fits a wide array of bottle types.

Great for protecting the liquid from thirsty intruders, as well as protecting kids from various liquids.

If you are a little inventive yourself, you could use an empty bottle and have yourself a bottle safe, ...or just make a super intriguing version of a "Message in a bottle".


Sentry combination lock
Small (does not affect how you store your bottles)
Fits many bottle shapes
Esthetically pleasing design

PRICE: From $9.99

Source: Bonsnianbill on YouTube

Source: INSIDER on YouTube



Hunter: @helix

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I really like the design and stuff , but one thing that came to my mind was what if people steal the entire bottle all at once. I think the it secures the bottle is pretty good as one cannot try to break and drink from it , which will be a nice mess to deal with.

Hi @helix,

Thanks for yet another hunt. I’ve reviewed and approved it. The hunt is on.

Great hunt @helix!

It's funny to see someone thought about making a bottle lock, besides using it to protect your kids from drinking alcohol, I don't think someone would use it to keep the drink away from others, it would sound funny if someone would do that.

I am not sure what kind of liquid somebody might have that it would be so precious to secure it with a lock, even if I might have a few ideas but, it is surely a great way to keep kids away from dangerous liquids.

Keep on hunting.

Obviously the designers haven't seen this...

Hehe yes, it will not stop anyone willing to break the bottle =) However, it would have been quite apparent that someone has been in your stash if the bottles where looking like that.

Nice product, i can use it for fun at home :) I can lock all drinks when there is a party at home :) I liked it . Good luck with your hunt

A creative and reliable project.Really useful product.It can be taken for important wine bottles.It can even be used for many bottles.Good hunt

very effective for places where we leave our drinks and we will not know who can drink jijiji jijiji excellent hunting

This made me laugh :)

Great for protecting the liquid from thirsty intruders

Yes it's a nice solution to protect your liquor andit fits many types of bottles.

I think this bottle seal is funny, it is not easy to leave our wines with someone and they want to take them. good hunting

I think its hilarious =) I do not have a problem with people stealing my liquor, but it looks so cool, and I still want one. Also, I can imagine other uses for it.


I'd like one of these to secure my sigar!

My girlfriend would break the hole bottle :D

😂😂😂 this got me laughing hard.

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very effective for places where we leave our drinks and we will not know who can drink jijiji jijiji excellent hunting


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