RED Hydrogen One - The worlds first holographic smartphone

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RED Hydrogen One

The worlds first holographic smartphone


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The high-end camera producer RED is in the works of creating and launching the worlds first holographic smartphone.

Not only will you be able to watch media on a holographic screen, but you can also use the smartphone to capture holographic video.

RED have been very careful not to leak the actual experience of this new technology. However, some specs and features have been shared for some time.


5.7" Holographic screen
3D video recording

Source: Marques Brownlee on Youtube

Source: The Verge on Youtube

For a limited period, the Hydrogen One was open to pre-orders for the price of $1,595 (TITANIUM), and $1,295 (ALUMINUM). However, the pre-order is now closed.

If you missed the pre-order, you just have to wait a little bit longer, the launch have been delayed a few times since the initial target of Q1 2018.



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I think I've heard about this technology before; I am glad that it arrived on the market, finally. I bet it's nice to watch clips on that screen since it can shift your viewing experience entierly but, I'm only wondering, when will the tech evolve more and get integrated on popular brands too.

Keep on hunting.

Wow. Amazing camera. I love this hunt.

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• this was first developed in the world
• can create a lot of experience with holographic smartphones
• very sophisticated

•there is no

Thanks for adding your opinion.

Personally, I fear the general specs, like the processor, will be somewhat outdated due to the delayed launch. As long as the holographic functionality does not halter because of it, I think it's acceptable. If not, I'd might wait for a second generation...

Keep the good work.

Keep the good work.

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