INSTANTBOT - Created a new Steemit upvote bot for everyone!

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Created a new Steemit upvote bot for everyone!



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all people with the ♨️Steemit Users role on the INSTAINBLOCKS Discord server can get upvotes for their Steemit posts from @instantcoin with a simple command! Invite:

First get the ♨️Steemit role​ in ​#👨role-assign

then go to

use: $upvote [url]

The bot can give you info and prices of the INSTANTCOIN Token from the Waves Exchange try it out at:

Please leave us a follow and upvote to support the community!



Hunter: @instantcoin

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I will surely check this out @instantcoin

I have always wondered how to create an upvote bot for my Steem Bloggers community.

Hunt On


Go Instantcoin!
I'm getting on for the ride.

Nice to have you with us @sarez!

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This is very cool. I love it.

Glad that you like it!

I thought that this is a guide for making an upvote bot. Anyway, this is a good and useful hunt for all steemians(minnows)

I have a question. i wan to share the upvote feed of my account via weebhook on my server, there is one form to do that? please is you know tell me.

For that you have to create your own bot but it is possible, you have to look it up.

it really a nice to have this upvote it is really helpful thank you very much

Your welcome!

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