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 "A ship headed for the unknown, a powerful storm hitting all sides, and my man in real danger .. What can I do?" The solutions are lacking in the existence of this frightening weather, I do not know the reason but the next few minutes will tell the story that is supposed to be my only refuge, About my discovery of the unknown truth, behind all these things, behind this nightmare that I do not know the source of, but more than that, my reaction to the biggest mistake when the feet of the land, strange monsters I did not know where to appear, The only one to keep up with this reality, reality has not I do not hit him an account .. "


 We will discover in this context, the famous hero Tom Hansen, which sets off the most difficult trips to the Bering Sea.

Then he finds himself in a building that turns the life of Tom upside down, a building that will be either the last resort or his grave, it contains the ugliest things one can imagine, blood everywhere, it will be like a long movie clip, The last word that a human can think of is "survival" in any way. The story seems to be understandable so far, not long but at least understandable, and this is what we find in many games, The facts within the story, or simplified as it should be, to know the player how he will Hopefully, this is important, of course. It is worth mentioning that the version in our hands has been classified as "Dangerous Games" Cold Fire is not available for everyone to play, especially the audience under the age of 18, because the version in our hands contains scenes full of blood, violence and murder, and never be played by anyone. But as you mentioned, before putting the foot on the land, most of the game will live in the ship, which has times, difficult times during which the hero will face the waves and sea fluctuations, so the player will be bound to play. You have to move slowly and cautiously, of course while you are in the ship, and to do all the reserves before the storm to avoid mistakes. The game in this edifice allows us to add a number of unusual aesthetic effects. Darkworks has contributed The things : The impact of the wind on the direction of the ship, which sometimes turn over and rebalance, and then go and come, and there is the impact of rain on the screen, which is difficult to see for the hero, which creates great difficulty in mobility, and combat the air variability and then save the ship from destruction. Oh really ! In addition to these things, I did not mention the most important thing, which is the main axis, namely the existence of zombies, terrifying monsters will have the task of eliminating you, and this explains the bloody nature of the game, you will find scattered bodies full of blood, and feel chills that, Sometimes death is a substitute for this fear experience. Another difficult thing to keep alive is the difficulty of finding places to save, places that are only available in some stages of the game, or when completed.

We now come to the side of the game scenario, a side that has a great influence, especially on the scenes of the game, which expresses in one way or another its frightening character, allows us to have several interesting interviews, some of which are in favor of the hero, Interviews are conducted in a terrifying atmosphere and require the presence of blood to get out of them. The different aspects of the game is what distinguishes it and gives it the preference of course. Also, the character of the distortion that prevails over the copy of each side, this distortion that appears in the situations that the hero is subjected to disputes between him and the monsters, In the evasion of positions, a different use Weapons to escape danger, or to use other methods through other things that are appropriate. Indeed, the difficulty of the version is reflected in one level if it is true, not because it depends on that method, but because its classification and quality are imposed on it, and we will not hide the presence of various types of monsters that can be imagined, from the bodies of blood and dead alive, You will be reminded of the fact that you play in Resident Evil versions only in the zombie, it becomes more difficult as you move from one stage to the next, and synchronize with other bodies of monsters that Have more strengths than their predecessors Some of the scenes in the game are identical to their counterpart, Alone in the Dark: The New Nightmare, where the Darkworks development team used some of the footage that was considered admirable for the scenes mentioned in the above-mentioned game, Release.




                                                             Overall Ratings:

graphisme : ( 16 /20) remaining Cold Fear game distinctive graphics hand to contain a special engine Eravism, engine has its advantages when the various scenes during the shooting, the vagaries of the weather to the other ..

The gameplay: ( 15/20 ) The game allows us to experience the third conscience 3D technology, some scenes have to do with Resident Evil 4, especially in the expressions of personality and movements, and reactions, here is the effectiveness of the game in general ..

Age of the game: ( 13/20 ) The game allows us to 9 to 11 hours in the course of the adventure by the hero, and the game includes several levels of difficulty, although similar to something, there is also meet in the places save the progress of the hero, which is limited.

Sounds: ( 16/20 ) The sounds of the game are considered to be interesting and worthy of all appreciation, the sounds of scenes and explosions, as well as the voices of shouting enemies and characters of the game, all reflect the distinctive design, worthy evaluation!

The scenario: ( 11/20 ) This aspect was not a good thing despite the clarity of the story and left a terrible character in the psyche of the player, but it was not the level that qualifies as a suitable scenario for the game, although the various letters and dialogues in the game well-founded, Unqualify characters for this scenario or something like that ..

Overall Rating:  Leave you a chance to play and judge =) 


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Great game my dear friend